Prepared a package of Project for companies is a corporate web site application. Project give any number of multi-language support. With content admin system , all pages on the site are entered and edited by an admin. Companies may choose that they want to use from listed modules below. The administration of all modules listed on the below is under control of admin. With its user name and password into system , admin can perform all operations that listed below from the admin panel.


Anıl Vitray


Cinsel Terapi Uzmanı

Coporate-about us-quality policy-vision-mission
Corporate identitiy of the company and promotional items will be presented in this part.

Exchange Rate
Current Exchange Rate which is taken at the same time from Central Bank of Republik of Turkey is shown in the desired part on the site.

News/Announcements Module
Added news by web site admin are published on site. Optionally, the current news may be listed (marquees,fixed) at the home page.

Services/Activities Module

There is a categorically service module in Project. As determined category by admin, desired corporate sevices can be updated, deleted or can add rich text (in the format font options or can add picture..)

Human Resources Module
Companies can receive job application with large scale human resources form in thesite through the web site. The information in the form is directed to an e-mail address.

Reference Module
Companies can add their references as category, company name, Picture, description format and publish on the site from admin panel.

Foto Gallery Module
Companies can publish their Picture as category, Picture and description format through entering site from admin panel.

Visitor Counter Module

In Project, there is a timer that count the number of visitor and can be colored appropriately.

Html Page Module
Pages in rich text format can be updated, added and deleted- by site admin. In addition for each pages can be added desired number of sub pages. Sub pages can be listed at the right side when front page is opened. For each page can be added infinite sub pages. .

Order Form Module
Visitors can order product-based or general order form on site. For products that will be listed in product module can be reached with “order” button and give product-based orders. Order information is sent to company e-mail.

Product Module
Admin can add, update and delete products which is category format and depending on this category ;a sub category, product name, Picture and product detail. As mentioned before, for each product can be used “take order”

Guest Book Module

Visitors can send their message or opinious to the site through this module. Messages are approved by admin. Admin can approve or delete guestbook messages. Approved messages appear on site. Guestbook is for of name, surname, e-mail and opinion. Other visitors can only see name, surname, title and message part of this message. Visitor’s e-mail is only the administrator’s knowledge.

There is a search module in Project that can make search between all content in this results are categorized and listed as their modules .

Maps feauture provided by google is proccessed in contact part and both internet search and direct reach to company are provided.