If you have e-trade website and your website is not sufficient to meet your expectations for transformation and you would like to set up a new e-trade website, you may consult our Professional team.

Some of our consultancy services:

  • Preliminary investigation to determine whether your business analysis and your product is suitable for online marketing.
  • Idetification of resources for presentation and marketing of your product
  • Preliminary Investigation for Search Engine Optimization
  • Design architecture, process management, site map
  • Optimization of current website

Please contact Baybilmiş for perfect e-trade website

Why Bay Bilmiş?

Unique Design
Useful Site Structure
Easy Management Panel
Search Engine Optimization
Technical Support
Detailed Statistics

Mobile Compatible

You can view your Web site as you wish through all browsers and with all resolutions

SEO Friendly

Let us increase your pagewiev with Google, Facebook and Instagram advertisements in Google search results

Atak Domain offers authenticity in corporate website design to its solution partners in e-trade website by designing from stratch and in virtual stores throgh revision.