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If you think “How do I put my personal or my company’s eCommerce project into practice in the best way possible?”, you are at the right address. The first choice of hundreds of companies Atak Technology with its professional e-commerce infrastructure will always get you ahead of your competitors. Atak Technology presents its originality in the field of corporate web design to its customers with whom it has made solution partnerships on e-commerce websites which are designed from scratch or in virtual stores where the revisions are being done.


eCommerce Website Examples

eCommerce Website Examples
Mobile compatible – responsive eCommerce websites designed by Atak Technology are products of over 15 years of experience. The eCommerce sites are designed for all mobile devices with responsive architecture. Everyone can review your products and make an order on your eCommerce website whether from a mobile phone or a tablet or a different size display unit. For a Google search engine two of the most important factors are whether a website is mobile-friendly and whether it has an SSL certificate. Whether you purchase a ready-made or a custom-designed professional eCommerce website, both eCommerce infrastructures are put into service with mobile compatibility.

Setting up an eCommerce Website Has Never Been Easier!

If you want to set up a perfect eCommerce website with a feedback feature, do not settle upon without consulting us. We can answer all your questions such as; how to manage your eCommerce website after the it is set up, how to find your products on Google, how to boost your search engine rankings, whether to do eCommerce or not, etc. and we can set up the best eCommerce website together.
Setting up an eCommerce Website Has Never Been Easier!

Mobile Compatible Website

Your eCommerce site is displayed on mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

Powerful SEO

With our specialized SEO applications your products rank higher in search.

Advanced Management Panel

Turkish and multi-functional management panel.

Professional Support

Our professional support team will be at your company’s service at all times.

Custom Designs

Custom-made, proficient, mobile compatible designs.

High Security

Your products and your purchases are secured with SSL and software security.

Flexible Infrastructure

With integrated systems and modules product management is easier.

User Friendly Design

User-friendly design that will affect the rate of visits to your website and shopping rate.

eCommerce Website Prices
We have been coding and designing eCommerce websites since 2007. We are always at your service with our potent eCommerce packages and professional team to launch your eCommerce website and to ensure your success. Make a difference with our advanced ecommerce infrastructure, SEO features, virtual POS integration and mobile-friendly designs. For the best eCommerce prices, you can review our e-commerce packages and visit our references.
Ready-made eCommerce Website
Baybilmiş which is an Atak Technology brand, is a ready-made eCommerce website software designed for corporate and individual customers who want to launch eCommerce websites and make a sell on the Internet. Our eCommerce website software is hosting-independent, our customers who would like to host their own websites are free to do so. However, many services such as domain, hosting, mail, security, backup, payment systems, etc. are offered to you by Atak Technology as a whole.

Ready-made eCommerce Packages

Ready-made eCommerce Packages
You can choose the comparative eCommerce package on our eCommerce packages page. Ready-made or custom-designed eCommerce packages create a sales channel on the internet for both your existing and target customers. By using our eCommerce infrastructure, you can offer your customers an easy-to-use shopping experience, strengthen customer relationships and outdo your competitors.
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Custom-designed eCommerce Website

Show the value you give to your customers by setting up an custom-designed professional eCommerce website. Presentation is the most important factor regarding the sale of products and services. We design custom-designed professional eCommerce websites in accordance with your company’s corporate identity i.e., your logo, catalogs, brochures and sectoral structure based on graphic design principles.
Custom-designed eCommerce Website

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