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Wordpress Hosting

Wordpress Hosting service; Fast, Reliable, and No Backup Worries.
Faster with SSD Disk
Setup with single-click
Free WP Fastest Cache Plugin *

Applies to Special Package only. It is available as an additional service for other packages.

With the hosting packages that are designed specifically for Wordpress which is the world’s most preferred content management system (CMS) you can have the fastest, most practical websites and manage them easily without having any software or design problems.


The most advantageous
price for a basic website

4 ,99$/ Month 1 ,85$/ Month

%50 Discount
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  • 1 Web Sitesi
  • 2 GB Disk Space
  • 15 GB Traffic
  • 5 E-post
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1 CPU
  • Free SSL
  • Single-Click Setup
  • Auto Backup


Highest performance for corporate needs

7 ,99$/ Month 3 ,03$/ Month

%58 Discount
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  • 1 Web Sitesi
  • 5 Disk Space
  • 30 GB Traffic
  • 10 E-post
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1 CPU
  • Free SSL
  • Single-Click Setup
  • Auto Backup


Excellent price
performance for unlimited website

15 ,99$/ Month 5 ,92$/ Month

%63 Discount
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Anında - Otomatik Kurulum

Instant - Automatic Installation

Your Wordpress website backups automatically on a weekly basis.

Teknik Bilgi Gerektirmez

It Does Not Require a Technical Knowledge

It offers easy management possibility without any need for technical knowledge.

Çok Daha Hızlı Websiteleri

Much Faster Websites

With SSD platform and LiteSpeed Cache, your Wordpress website runs much faster.

Otomatik Sürüm Güncellemeleri

Automatic Update

Your websites in a different company are transferred, installed and activated by our expert team.

Otomatik Yedekleme

Automatic Backup

Any security measures are taken regarding your website and your site is monitored for any possible attacks.

Advanced Cache Plugin Support

With this plugin, your websites running on Wordpress infrastructure work 80% faster. We offer a free WP - Fastest Cache plug-in to our customers who purchase a pro package.

Most Preferred CMS Management

Nearly 30 million websites worldwide prefer Wordpress. Moreover, 15% of the sites in the Forbes 500 list use Wordpress infrastructure. You can also choose Wordpress for ease of use, fast setup, and software optimized structure that increase your ranking in the search engines.

Much Faster Websites

You can prefer Wordpress Hosting for much faster Wordpress websites. Your Wordpress site is hosted on high-performance servers that are optimized for WP sites on the SSD disk. All hosting spaces and databases are in Litespeed Cache Caching; thus, your website speeds up and runs 3 times faster.

High Performance E-Mail

Each email account has 500MB email quota, advanced filtering, and spam feature. We are aware of the importance of email in your work and that it is the rising trend in digital marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as you purchase Wordpress hosting, the system will automatically set up your Wordpress website and the WP management screen notify you with the information via email.

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