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EV SSL Certificates

Add value to your website and company with EV SSL Certificate. EV SSL is a type of SSL certificate that companies can show their corporate identity. Extend Validation - Provides high level web security with extended validation feature.
Type Document Mobile Subdomain Approve
eTugra EV SSL eTugra EV SSL EV Document
11 .66 $ /Month
Comodo PositiveSSL EV Certificate Comodo PositiveSSL EV Certificate EV Document
13 .25 $ /Month
GeoTrust TBID EV SSL Certificate GeoTrust TBID EV SSL Certificate EV Document
15 .75 $ /Month
eTugra EV Multidomain eTugra EV Multidomain EV Document
16 .58 $ /Month
code ssl code ssl EV Document
54 .17 $ /Month
DigiCert Secure Site EV SSL (FLEX) DigiCert Secure Site EV SSL (FLEX) EV Document
79 .08 $ /Month
DigiCert Secure Site Pro with EV SSL (FLEX) DigiCert Secure Site Pro with EV SSL (FLEX) EV Document
120 .75 $ /Month

Documents Required for EV SSL Certificate

Legal Entities: Tax certificate, Signature Circular, Certificate of Activity, CPA, company such as LLC, INC, LTD., PTY., GmBh, AŞ, etc. can apply only. Noncommercial Organizations such as NATO are required to report their legal status. (After the documents sent, verification is made by calling) Verification Document
Individual Companies: Tax Certificate, Signature Circular, Certificate of Activity, CPA, Verification Document
Governmental Institutions: registration of Kaysis.gov.tr, Document Showing the Year of Institution Established, Certificate of Activity, CPA
Universities: Document Showing the Establishment Date or the Decree of the Council of Ministers, Higher Education Counsel Site Registration
TRNC Companies: Tax Declaration Certificate, Memorandum, Activity Certificate, CPA
You can quickly verify with the D-U-N-S number. It is a nine-digit number called Data Universal Numbering System, which identifies organizations in the world.

The certificate shown in EV SSL is approved by the title that appears in the official documents of the company and online inquiries. The title cannot be changed. EV SSL approval is made entirely by the SSL brand.

EV SSL (Extended Validation)

  • EV SSL is also defined as the green bar SSL. Since the activation is made with certain documents, it takes 5-15 days depending on the SSL brand.
  • The primary function of EV SSL Certificate is to enable online users to transact with an authenticated e-commerce website.
  • Websites using EV SSL certificate have padlock sign, HTTPS and green address bar.
  • EV SSL certificate is preferred for E-Commerce sites, payment systems, corporate companies.
  • Only companies and organizations can buy EV SSL certificate.
Advantages and Features of EV SSL Certificate
A prestigious and powerful solution for your institution / company's website and E-Commerce sites
EV SSL protects your data

The main function of EV SSL certificate is to maintain the communication between server and user securely. Protect your sensitive data such as IDs, passwords, credit card numbers, etc.

High Income - Strong Encryption

Provide high level protection with 128/256 Bit encryption. Verification of company information will increase your trust and your sales will increase with trust index.

Company Verification

The prerequisite of purchasing EV SSL is that your company or institution documents are verified by the certificate provider. After the document control, your company will be called and verified.

You are Safe with Guarantee

EV SSL certificate security fees are very high. Warranty fees vary according to the EV SSL certificate brand. If you experience problems due to certification, a high warranty will compensate you.

Free EV SSL Setup

We provide free technical support for the documents required for EV SSL. Our SSL technical support experts can define your SSL certificate for EV SSL installation.

Site Security Seal

The EV SSL secure site seal on your website gives confidence to your site. Site seal shows the assurance of the SSL brand providing the certificate to the site.

Extended Validation
EV SSL certificates are SSL certificates that perform extended verification and are activated by document verification for companies. Institution or company owners must provide the necessary documents and respond to phone verification in order to use EV SSL on the website. After the brand providing EV SSL certificate approves the documents, your EV SSL certificate will be active.
Prevent Phishing
Prevent Phishing
EV SSL certificate will provide full protection to your highly secure website with verified company and institution information. Users can easily distinguish between a phishing (fake) website and a legitimate website, as the company title will appear in the browser as a green bar. It will distinguish your website from fake copy attack sites.
Increase Sales by Upgrading Confidence
In the internet world, the success of websites, especially e-commerce sites, depends on brand reputation, company identity and customers' trust. In addition, information security is a priority for customers. EV SSL certificate helps both and gives customers confidence. The trust of your website will make your business more profitable. In short, web security and sales cycle are inseparable. EV SSL certificate will provide the confidence your customers are looking for.
Lowest Price and Best Support
Lowest Price and Best Support
You can buy EV SSL products belonging to all SSL brands related to EV SSL certificates on our site.

You can order an EV SSL right away from Atak Domain to take advantage of our services such as secure access, free secure site seal, free expert support, without "www", with a guarantee fee of up to 1.75 million USD.

Our cheap EV SSL certificates have a standard x.509 digital signature and are suitable for most desktop and mobile browsers. Depending on the certificate provider you choose, you will have some additional features such as ECC encryption, unlimited server license, daily malware scanning, vulnerabilities assessment, security seal search and page loading speed.
Rise in Google Organic Searches
Especially organic searches on Google are the most important traffic source for all websites. By switching to HTTPS with EV SSL certificate, you can increase your ranking in organic search results and be one step ahead of your competitors.

EV SSL Certificate FAQ

"EV" is the abbreviation of the Extended Validation Certificate. Extended Validation SSL Certificate, is an SSL Certificate developed to give users high-level confidence. EV SSL - Extended Validation SSL Certificates show your website visitors, that the company has been verified and that they can shop safely.

If you delete your EV SSL certificate in mistake, please contact us. Your certificate will be redefined and sent to you free of charge.

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