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For small businesses not having busy e-mail traffic

1 ,99$/ Mo 0 ,89$/ Mo

%55 Off
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For SMEs having busy e-mail traffic

2 ,99$/ Mo 1 ,39$/ Mo

%54 Off


For medium and large sized SMEs who need management support

3 ,99$/ Mo 1 ,69$/ Mo

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ATAK Mail Excellent Features

Discover our excellent features to make your performance unique!

Custom E-Mail For Your Domain

Services such as Gmail and Hotmail do not provide professional outlook for you and your business. You can both bring prestige for your business and give confidence to your customers with a custom e-mail for your domain.

High-Size Disk Space

With the high-quota e-mail service offering up to 10 GB of e-mail per user, you can store hundreds of thousands email without erasing, and access your emails anytime. Moreover, you can instantly switch to more email space for your high quota needs.

Access From Anywhere

With Atak E-mail service, you can access your business e-mails from desktop, mobile and tablet devices anytime and anywhere and you can uninterruptedly maintain your e-mail communication.

Free Anti-Spam and Antivirus

You can recover your e-mail account from unwanted mails with "Free Anti-Spam Service" offered with Atak E- Mail service, and you can protect your emails from malicious content, viruses and trojans with Antivirus service

Multi Language Admin Panel

E-mail management is very easy with multi language admin panel. You can manage your emails on the simple and user experience-oriented online admin panel, create rule sets, carry out any kind of e-mail transactions in a snap and from anywhere.

100% compatible with IMAP / POP3

Thanks to email service fully compatible with popular e-mail programs such as Outlook, Apple Mail, and eM Client and Thunderbird, you can manage your e-mails on any platform and automatically perform your e-mail setup.

Free Expert Phone Support

E-mail management may sometimes goof up. Email management is even easier thanks to the "Expert Phone Support" offered for free with Atak E-mail service! You can get free phone support from our expert support team for Email management such as email setup, transfer, backup, routing.

Free Support by Remote Access

Aren't you able to manage your emails on your own? That's ok! With the "Free Remote Connection Support" offered the first and only by the ATAK Domain in over the world, our expert support team can perform the transactions such as redirecting, transferring and installation for you by accessing your computers for a professional support.

Access Your Emails From Anywhere

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Frequently Asked Questions

Atak E-Mail is an uninterrupted and high-quoted e-mail service that provides access from anywhere, that is built by Atak Domain on the cloud infrastructure architecture. You can prefer Atak E-mail to gain prestige by an e-mail attached to your domain name and to manage a high-quoted e-mail.

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