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DV SSL Certificates

Add value to your website and company with DV SSL Certificate. DV SSL is a type of SSL certificate showing padlock in browser for personal websites, promotional sites. Provides advanced web security with its domain validation and Domain verification feature.
Type Document Mobile Subdomain Approve
Comodo PositiveSSL Certificate Comodo PositiveSSL Certificate DV Domain
0 .75 $ /Month
eTugra Standart	eTugra Standart DV Domain
0 .83 $ /Month
RapidSSL Certificate RapidSSL Certificate DV Domain
1 .17 $ /Month
Comodo EssentialSSL Certificate Comodo EssentialSSL Certificate DV Domain
1 .91 $ /Month
Comodo UCC/SAN/Multi-Domain SSL Comodo UCC/SAN/Multi-Domain SSL DV Domain
2 .92 $ /Month
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Certificate (FLEX) GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Certificate (FLEX) DV Domain
5 .67 $ /Month
Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard Certificate Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard Certificate DV Domain
7 .08 $ /Month
eTugra Standart Wilcard eTugra Standart Wilcard DV Domain
8 .25 $ /Month
RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate DV Domain
9 .08 $ /Month
GlobalSign Domain SSL GlobalSign Domain SSL DV Domain
9 .92 $ /Month
Comodo Multi Domain Wildcard SSL Comodo Multi Domain Wildcard SSL DV Domain
14 .92 $ /Month
GlobalSign Domain SSL + SAN/UCC GlobalSign Domain SSL + SAN/UCC DV Domain
20 .83 $ /Month
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard SSL (FLEX) GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard SSL (FLEX) DV Domain
24 .92 $ /Month
GlobalSign Domain SSL Wildcard GlobalSign Domain SSL Wildcard DV Domain
33 .25 $ /Month

DV SSL (Domain Validation)

  • DV SSL - refers to Domain Validation SSL.
  • It is the fastest SSL provided by looking at Domain Whois information.
  • Provides HTTPS and lock view in security domain address bar to SSL.
  • You can integrate DV SSL into your website in minutes.
  • DV SSL is ideal for informational websites and blogs.
  • DV SSLs are less expensive than other types of certificates.
  • It does not require documentation for verification.
  • Supports 99.9% desktop and mobile browsers.
Advantages and Features of DV SSL Certificate
A prestigious and powerful solution for your personal site / company website
DV SSL protects your data

The main function of the DV SSL certificate is to maintain the communication between the server and the user securely. Protect your sensitive data such as identities, passwords, credit card numbers, etc.

High Income - Strong Encryption

Provide advanced protection with 128/256 Bit encryption. Publishing your website on a verified domain name will increase your trust and contribute positively to your sales.

Domain Verification

It is very easy to purchase DV SSL and define it on your website. You can secure your website within minutes by approving the link to the domain's mail address.

Increases Google® ranking

The lock that appears in the address bar indicates that this site is secure by the browser. Search engines attach great importance to web security to increase the quality of users' internet experiences.

Free DV SSL Setup

Our technical support team provides free installation support for DV SSL installation. Using our help pages, you can install it or leave it to the expert.

DV SSL Increases Customer Trust

Besides encryption and authentication, SSL certificates are crucial to customer trust. DV SSL informs your users that data is safe.

The Fastest Protection for Your Website
DV SSL, ie single domain SSL certificates, is an ideal solution for small businesses that have small or medium-level businesses and want to do their transactions over the internet with a solid security at the cheapest price.

Customers who buy DV SSL get a security lock on the browser. Your customers will not receive "not safe" warnings and have confidence in your website.
Ensure Your Domain Security
Ensure Your Domain Security
DV SSL certificates can be installed in a domain and activated within minutes. Domain Validation certificates are very cheap and can only be verified through the domain. Domain verification process indicates that the management of the relevant domain belongs to the site owner.

With DV SSL, 256-bit encryption and a 2048-bit root key certificate, enables customers to perform transactions on your website securely. Standard DV SSL certificates are issued by trusted certificate brands and recognized by all desktop / mobile browsers, and due this, visitors will never encounter SSL warning messages.
Advantages and Key Features
  • DV SSL certificates are less expensive than other types of certificates.
  • It becomes active in a very short time after purchase.
  • No documents are required for verification.
  • It is 99.9% compatible with desktop and mobile browsers.
  • Ideal for small e-commerce sites, personal web, blog and forums.
  • Best - cheap SSL certificate.
Cheapest SSL Price and Best Support
Cheapest SSL Price and Best Support
You can buy DV SSL products belonging to all SSL brands related to DV SSL certificate on our site.

With a guarantee of up to US $ 1.75 million, without "www", you can order a DV SSL from Atak Domain right away to take advantage of our secure access, free secure site seal, free expert support services.

Our cheap DV SSL certificates have a standard x.509 digital signature and are suitable for most desktop and mobile browsers. Depending on the certificate provider you choose, you will have some additional features such as ECC encryption, unlimited server license, daily malware scanning, vulnerabilities assessment, security seal search and page loading speed.
Rise in Google Organic Searches
Especially organic searches on Google are the most important traffic source for all websites. By switching to HTTPS with DV SSL certificate, you can increase your ranking in organic search results and be one step ahead of your competitors.

DV SSL Certificate FAQ

DV SSL is an entry-level SSL certificate and it is the cheapest SSL certificate that provides strong encryption by activating between 5-10 minutes. "DV" is the abbreviation of the Domain Validation Certificate. Domain Validation SSL Certificate indicates that your website visitors are verified for domains and that they can shop safely. It is the most preferred type of SSL certificate by users.

If you deleted your DV SSL certificate in mistake, please contact us. Your certificate will be redefined and sent to you free of charge.

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