GeoTrust SSL Certificate

The Geotrust SSL Certificate is the second largest SSL certificate in the world. You can buy the security certificate that is most suitable for you by examining the SSL certificates according to your need.

SSL Prices

GeoTrust SSL

Type Document Mobile Subdomain Approve
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Certificate (FLEX) GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Certificate (FLEX) DV Domain
5 .67 $ /Month
GeoTrust TBID EV SSL Certificate GeoTrust TBID EV SSL Certificate EV Document
15 .75 $ /Month
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard SSL (FLEX) GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard SSL (FLEX) DV Domain
24 .92 $ /Month
Advantages and Features of GeoTrust SSL Certificate
High level of security for individual projects, corporate websites and e-commerce sites.
100% Strong Encryption

GeoTrust SSL certificates offer 256-bit modern algorithm that protects your online information and frees them from all kinds of threats.

Unlimited Reissue

If you lose your private key or want to use the same certificate on another server, you can republish the certificate. Most certificate providers offer unlimited republishing.

100% Browser Compatibility

GeoTrust SSL certificates carry the highest compatibility with all server types, desktop and mobile browsers and operating systems. Therefore, there is no warning sign your customer will encounter while browsing the website.

Warranty Guarantee

GeoTrust SSL certificates come with a $10,000 warranty in case the CA issues the certificate in error.

Certificate Management

GeoTrust SSL Wildcard certificate allows for unlimited subdomain security, therefore, a single certificate secures all subdomains. There is no need to deal with individual certification.

Quick Edit

It takes up to 15 minutes to issue both GeoTrust SSL certificates. CA only verifies domain ownership, not requiring in-depth verification of legal documents.

Information About GeoTrust SSL

GeoTrust SSL

What is GeoTrust SSL Certificate?
GeoTrust is a well-known Certificate Authority that sells encryption services to online merchants who want to make their transactions over a secure connection. The company has been in operation since the late 1990s. However, GeoTrust did not become the SSL certificate provider we know today until it was reborn in 2001. In 2006, GeoTrust was acquired by VeriSign, which was taken over by the current parent company, Symantec.

GeoTrust is currently headquartered in Mountain View, California, USA. It is also one of the largest digital certificate providers serving more than 100,000 customers in more than 150 countries.

Secure your website fast! GeoTrust certificates are one of the fastest ways to start protecting online transactions and applications with SSL. With the automatic authentication and issuance process, it only takes a few minutes to get your certificate, like QuickSSL Premium SSL. After that, it is much easier to manage and renew your certificates.

Self-service tools make it easy to manage your SSL security quickly and easily. With GeoTrust, you get cheap SSL without sacrificing convenience, choice or reliability. Cheap doesn't mean it's unsafe! QuickSSL Premium is a great SSL certificate. With QuickSSL Premium, you get strong 256-bit encryption, universal browser support (over 99%) and instant editing. You can also use your certificate on an unlimited number of servers and republish it for free.

GeoTrust also provides support for mobile devices, including web-enabled cell phones, so you can offer mobile users protection and convenience as well. You will also receive a GeoTrust True Site Seal, so your customers will know that you take their security seriously enough to get your SSL from a trusted security company. You can partner with security experts. We make it easy to set up, manage and renew our SSL while making excellent customer service a top priority. Atak Domain support specialists can do all the work for you.

GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Features

Security: It has strong 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit root.
Authentication: Domain verification is easy.
Easiness: Issued within minutes.
Universality: It has support for more than 99% of browsers and most mobile device browsers.
Reissue: There is an unlimited free republishing opportunity for the life of the certificate.
Servers per certificate: It is unlimited.
Administration: It has an intuitive certificate management portal.
Assurance: There is a 100.000 USD guarantee.

Dynamic GeoTrust has True Site Seal. The main benefits are, you can save time and money with cheap, easy and convenient SSL. Show that you care about your customers' security by getting your SSL from a trusted security company. Climb higher on the web with unlimited licenses, free reissues and GeoTrust reputation.

One month GeoTrust Free SSL can be of great help to you as you can get insight into SSL verification and SSL issuance procedure. Of course, you will have plenty of time to test and evaluate the certification.

What is GeoTrust RSA CA?
What is GeoTrust RSA CA?
The GeoTrust RSA CA certificate is an intermediate bridge used in the GeoTrust public key infrastructure (PKI) that is required to complete the certificate chain during SSL negotiation (Known as SSL handshake). One of the main reasons we use SSL certificates is to identify the error existence of the website you are connecting to. The completion state of this is called the PKI or public key infrastructure. When you connect to an SSL certified website, your browser examines its certificate. One of the ways to ensure that the certificate is legitimate is to follow the so-called certificate chain and look at the result.

In the graph of the certificate chain represented as a GeoTrust RSA CA, certificate, certification authorities (CAs), the issuing organizations, create it at the technical level using it as "root" certificates. These are a special type of digital certificate that can issue other digital certificates.

In fact, these root certificates are literally parts of a "root repository" on your device. Once a certificate is presented, your device must be able to link it back to one of these roots, which can make it look like a tree. But the problem is that publishing certificates directly from those roots is dangerous. For this reason, CAs (certification authorities) publish intermediate roots instead. They use them to issue certificates to websites and provide a more secure connection.

These intermediate roots are part of the certificate chain, but it is not found on anyone's device. Because of this, you need to install a copy of the intermediate root on your device along with your SSL certificate to complete the chain. Note that some browsers and devices cache intermediate certificates in case they are not found while trying to connect to the site. As a best practice, it is important that you always install all intermediate products included in your SSL certificate, regardless of whether they come from a GeoTrust RSA CA or another certification authority.
Why GeoTrust Wildcard SSL?

The GeoTrust SSL Wildcard certificate is a flexible and cost effective solution to secure an unlimited number of subdomains with a single certificate. GeoTrust SSL has a fully automatic authentication process, this means you will receive your certificate within a few minutes. GeoTrust SSL certificates are domain verified SSL certificates capable of securing domains with 256-bit encryption strength within a minute. GeoTrust SSL Wildcard can be installed on any web server very easily and allows you to add additional subdomains in the future. In general, we can list the reasons as follows.

  • Most trusted Certificate Authority (CA)
  • Domain verified (DV) SSL Certificates
  • SSL certificates can be installed in minutes
  • Increase trust and transactions
  • User and browser friendly
  • Download and install in minutes
  • Access SSL / TLS setup tools
  • Save by selecting the multi-year option
  • Free technical support via web and e-mail
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • No paperwork required
  • Secure multiple subdomains
  • Easy registration and setup
  • Issued within minutes
  • Encryption strength up to 256 bits
  • GeoTrust SSL Site Seal gives free of charge
  • 99% browser support
  • Free refactoring support

SSL certificates provided by DigiCert protect unlimited servers with the strongest encryption and highest authentication available. There is also a central management system that makes it easy to protect your customers and protect your brand by automating every step of the certification lifecycle. For individuals and teams there is faster monitoring, approvals, and publishing automatic certificate setup via REST, SCEP or EST.

GeoTrust, backed by DigiCert, is once again at its root. With resources, tools, and award-winning customer support to manage TLS / SSL certificates throughout the entire certificate lifecycle, your customers can rely on GeoTrust to keep their websites safe. It offers premium SSL Certificates and fast delivery at an affordable price and includes a range of DigiCert, Norton and GeoTrust True Site Seals.

GeoTrust SSL Certificates
GeoTrust SSL Certificates
With the EV certified low cost GeoTrust True BusinessID, you can protect your site from all kinds of phishing scams. You can also increase consumer confidence. After verifying your company details with the full identity verification process, with an EV verified GeoTrust certificate you can enable the green address bar in a user's browser, you can give more confidence in encryption and conversions up to 256-bit. A dynamic GeoTrust Secure Seal is also provided to maximize potential growth.

One of the world's most popular extended validation certificates can now be used for multiple domains or SAN / UC (mail side). GeoTrust Multi-Domain certification is an enterprise-grade security product that you can use in multiple areas to increase trust and conversions, visually verify your identity and security through the green address bar.

With GeoTrust QuickSSL SAN, you can provide more extended security. It is not a typical full-blown SAN certificate. This solution also provides a creative and cost-saving way to secure multiple subdomain addresses with a single certificate. The encryption level is the same as a regular QuickSSL, however, it is configured to protect a single domain name and 4 different subdomain addresses below it.

With the GeoTrust QuickSSL Wildcard, it offers a cost-effective option to secure your main domain address and all its accompanying subdomains in one go. Features such as DV certificate, 256-bit encryption strength, a 2048-bit signature key, 99.9% browser ubiquity, $ 500,000 warranty. It can be given in just a few minutes.

With a GeoTrust Multi-Domain (SAN or Unified Communication) SSL certificate, you can add, edit or delete up to 250 domain names for the lifetime of the certificate. Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Community Server, Sharepoint and many more Unified Communication products can be easily secured with UC certification. It is prepackaged with 4 additional domains, meaning 5 domains in total are covered, then you can add more whenever you want.

GeoTrust has become one of the more advanced names in web security by offering the best solutions to companies of all sizes. Among GeoTrust's broad range of SSL products, perhaps no product is as versatile as the GeoTrust Multi-Domain Wildcard. Because it offers unlimited subdomains and the opportunity to protect at least 5 main domains.

GeoTrust allows you to quickly and easily get the SSL certificate you need. Your time is valuable, so optimize our systems to make the setup, use, management and renewal of your SSL certificates efficient and straightforward.

Their prices are low on average and their products are safe. SSL certificates support 99% browsers and all popular mobile devices and offer 256-bit encryption. SSL certificates are SAN-enabled, so you have inexpensive and flexible multi-domain options. You can secure an unlimited number of servers with just one certificate, and republishing is free. In addition, flexible pricing arrangements can be made to suit your business if you want to purchase a large number of certificates.

When you need help, you speak to a security professional, not an internet expert. Atak Domain support experts will help you in this regard. Choose us as your security partner and get practical help whenever you need it.

GeoTrust is a well-established, reputable SSL brand that assures you that you take the safety of your website visitors seriously. Your customers can rely on the encryption strength of our certificates, because they are based on a stronger 2048-bit encryption. Business applications are WebTrust certified: Security, availability, transaction integrity, privacy. Your privacy is respected. Thus, our internal data systems comply with the PCI security standard to keep your information safe.
GeoTrust SSL Certificate Management - Commercial Solution
SSL certificates are hidden providers of the internet. It encrypts and authenticates online business and communication. However, they present various difficulties. The more certificates you have to manage, the greater the risk of missing a critical renewal situation. The commercial consequences of expiring a certificate can be serious. At best, your website visitors will receive a security alert whenever they use your site. Worse, lost revenue can grow rapidly, if the expired certificate prevents transactions from being processed.

Companies need to manage all of their certificates in one place, with a tool that will allow them to get enough alerts about upcoming expiration dates. Time-consuming paperwork, even if you manage certificates centrally, dealing with internal processes to renew each certificate can be time consuming due to expiration approaches. If you have to create a purchase order for each certificate, this can become a very cumbersome problem. Also, Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates and going through the validation process for each certificate can trigger a lot of extra work. Here, IT teams need a system that facilitates the purchasing, auto-issuance, renewal, authentication and management of SSL certificates.

There is a new way to purchase and manage GeoTrust SSL certificates with the GeoTrust Enterprise Security Center. It helps IT administrators reduce costs, estimate SSL expenses, simplify management and reduce security risks. It differs from approaches to SSL certificate management in four ways:

Annual subscription, paid subscription model:
Instead of paying per certificate, you pay for an annual subscription depending on the number of websites you want to protect. You will have the flexibility to exceed this limit throughout the year. For example, to test servers, and you can adjust the subscription tier each year to suit your actual needs. It helps you save money and gives you tighter control over your SSL budget with predictable prices and a one-year purchase process.

Online management console:
The GeoTrust Enterprise Security Center provides a web-based console to manage, purchase, automatically issue, renew and report all your GeoTrust SSL certificates, including Extended Validation (EV), Wildcard, and UC / SANc certificates. It also gives you up to 90 days advance warning that the certificate expires. Instead of tracking certificates in different systems, you can easily make them online from one place.

Streamlined management:
GeoTrust Enterprise Security Center simplifies routine tasks. You only need to authenticate once and during the subscription period, the system allows you to issue new certificates automatically in minutes. Similarly, by switching to a subscription model, you avoid buying paperwork every time you need to issue or renew a certificate.

Helps reduce costs by pricing by number of websites, not by number of certificates and it makes it easy to respond to demand or infrastructure changes without getting stuck with the certificates you pay for, you no longer need.
GeoTrust SSL Security Seal
It is critical to keep growth with the GeoTrust seal and the Green EV bar. Analysis shows that the GeoTrust seal has been clicked too much, so people definitely pay attention to safety. There are many dubious backdoor sites selling similar products, that's why the seal and green bar help our customers know they are at a secure site that can be trusted.

For large companies, GeoTrust EV SSL has been an important differentiator. Many enterprise firms have decided to switch to GeoTrust, a name with a solid reputation for strong and affordable security. Beyond that, if you are looking for a high quality SSL partner with a great history that offers the best price, you can trust in GeoTrust.

Customers prominently display the GeoTrust Real Site Seal. Corporate firms also choose to secure the payment process on their highly secure web browsers with Extended Validation SSL certificates that turned the address bar green. With GeoTrust EV SSL certificates, customers can see that their information is protected without having to click anywhere. They just look at the green bar and know. If they want more information, they can click the site seal and see that the security is up to date.
How to get a GeoTrust SSL Wildcard SSL?
How to get a GeoTrust SSL Wildcard SSL?
You can protect all of your subdomain addresses with the GeoTrust SSL Wildcard certificate. By placing an order through our system, it will be sufficient to write your main domain name with an asterisk.

The normal SSL certificate provides encryption for a domain. Single-domain SSL certificates are available in three validation levels, including EV.

GeoTrust SSL Wildcard certificates have a shared private key. Sharing the same private key on all your subdomains can be said to be its only drawback. It doesn't matter if your entire site is on a single server. However, if your subdomains are on different servers, you must move and share your private key. If you are protecting multiple public subdomain addresses with the GeoTrust SSL security certificate, a compromised certificate key will affect the security of all your protected subdomain addresses rather than just one subdomain.
GeoTrust SSL CAA
GeoTrust SSL CAA
DNS Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) is defined in an IETF draft RFC. Its stated purpose is to allow a DNS domain name owner to issue certificates for that domain, to specify authorized certificate signing certificates. Using CAA can reduce the risk of unsolicited certificate issuance by malicious actors or honest error. For example, if you own, certificates for this domain are created only with a record that specifies this in DNS as the primary CA.

It is a purely technical detail but it is important. CAA is a simple way to express your CA (certificate authority) preference. Since your domain name is yours and you control all the DNS information for this domain, you can add the CAA information as DNS and change it at any time. No other party is required to be involved, including the CA. If you are responsible for your company's certification infrastructure, you can use CAA. The CAA also includes a feature that allows CAs to report invalid certificate requests. Any compliant CA can notify you via email, web service, or both of any certificate requests they receive that do not match the preference you set in your CAA registration.

What is GeoTrust doing with the CAA?

GeoTrust believes it helps prevent incorrect issuance of certificates and the CAA can assist in this effort. Adds the CAA records to their zone files. More importantly, a CAA check will be added to all certificate enrollment processes in the near future. If you have a CAA enrollment and enroll to obtain a certificate from any of GeoTrust's portal, the contents of the CAA record will be checked to see if they are associated as a preferred CA. Otherwise, the certificate will be blocked and the client will be contacted. You will either be asked to update your CAA registration, allow us to issue certificates, or revoke the request.

GeoTrust SSL Certificate Question - Answer

GeoTrust SSL is an SSL provider that offers fast and secure SSL certificates. GeoTrust has GeoTrust SSL, however, it is currently part of the DigiCert group. CA provides reliable SSL certificates, including GeoTrust SSL and GeoTrust SSL Wildcard certificate. Customers receive brand certificates ideal for any SME and large enterprise. GeoTrust SSL certificate authority (CA) works on authentication, data integrity and encryption. For this reason, GeoTrust SSL enables potential customers to keep their data intact while performing transactions over the secure website.

SSL certificates are pieces of code that you upload to your site that encrypt logins, passwords, credit card numbers and other information so hackers cannot capture and decrypt data. Once an SSL certificate is installed on a site, it uses a comprehensive security control system to reliably create a domain and server. It uses an SSL certificate, a proprietary "key" (especially a long string of complex codes), to encrypt logins between web browsers and servers where sensitive information needs to be sent, registration forms, credit card transactions, and other situations. It is a public key sent to the server and web browsers hosting the website. The private key can only be "unlocked" with the public key and vice versa helps keep the data secure.

GeoTrust will check domain registration information and request business registration documents to verify the identity and location of a website owner. SSL is now accepted as a standard internet security technology, however, this does not mean that all SSL certificates and providers are the same. Just like choosing your design tools and web host, there are a few important factors you should consider before choosing a CA and SSL certificate. GeoTrust is one of the most important SSL providers on the web.

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