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Reporting Abuse, Illegal Activities & Complaints

Atak Domain is committed to the advancement and expansion of the Internet by proactively investigating complaints of abuse and illegal activity of any of Atak Domain’s customers. The security and abuse process reporting is simple and all complaints are resolved within a reasonable time-frame.


Please provide your name, address, telephone, email, and description of the issue, including the domain name(s) to the respective contact below:

  • Email:
  • Tel: +90 262 270 00 15
  • Mail: Customer Care Department
  • Email:
  • Tel: +90 262 270 00 15
  • Mail: Customer Care Department
Authorities - Law enforcement, consumer protection, quasi-governmental or other similar authorities These reports must also include organization name, the phone number to the organization’s head or regional office, address of the organization, and the jurisdiction of the organization in order to verify the validity of the organizations` authority


All reported complaints and abuses will be acknowledged through email by our support staff within five (3) business days. And the goal is to resolve any single complaint or abuse within ten (10) business days. If more time is required to resolve an issue, our support staff will inform you of the expected time-frame for a resolution.

Authorities reporting abuse must first have their provided credentials verified. And upon successful verification, a response will be made to the authorities by the most appropriate individual the support team. Resolution of reported abuse by the authorities will depend on the scope and complexity of the investigation required.


Responses to reported complaints and abuses that are resolved in a satisfactory manner will be closed within 48 hours of a non-response from the complainant. If the response is not satisfactory, simply respond with additional information or detail that will allow for further investigation of the issue.