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Type Document Mobile Subdomain Approve
RapidSSL Certificate RapidSSL Certificate DV Domain
1 .17 $ /Month
RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate DV Domain
9 .08 $ /Month
Advantages and Features of RapidSSL Certificate
High level of security for individual projects, corporate websites and e-commerce sites.
100% Strong Encryption

RapidSSL certificates, offers 256-bit modern algorithm that protects your online information and saves them from all kinds of threats.

Unlimited Reissue

If you lose your private key or want to use the same certificate on another server, you can republish the certificate. Most certificate providers offer unlimited republishing.

100% Browser Compatibility

RapidSSL certificates have the highest compatibility with all server types, desktop and mobile browsers and operating systems. Therefore, there is no warning sign your customer will encounter while browsing the website.

Warranty Guarantee

RapidSSL certificates, comes with a $10,000 warranty in case the CA issues the certificate in error.

Certificate Management

RapidSSL Wildcard certificate, allows unlimited subdomain security, therefore, a single certificate secures all subdomains. There is no need to deal with individual certification.

Quick Edit

It takes up to 15 minutes to issue both RapidSSL certificates. CA only validates domain ownership, not requiring in-depth verification of legal documents.

RapidSSL Certificates

Rapid SSL

RapidSSL was established in 2010. Operated by GeoTrust and is among the largest certification authorities in the world. Today it is one of the best SSL certificate brands in the world offering SSL certificates for online businesses and individuals.

RapidSSL offers two premium quality SSL certificates. The first is the RapidSSL Certificate for single domain verification and the other is RapidSSL Wildcard SSL certificate for unlimited subdomain authentication. You can use the RapidSSL certificate in minutes with the fast authentication and domain verification process. The URL address of the RapidSSL secure website is the green HTTPS:// display prefix, indicating that the website is protected. By purchasing a RapidSSL SSL certificate, you can request fast customer support and SSL certificate installation from our support team.

According to RapidSSL Certificate reviews, considering whether it meets customers' needs or fails, is generally seen satisfaction. This will provide you with better information and resources. These reviews are published and verified by RapidSSL customers.

What is RapidSSL Certificate?

Website security is what a website owner can no longer ignore to protect the sensitive information of their valued customers. In the rising tech world, your website needs RapidSSL Certificates for a stable and strong online security that can provide your customers with a secure platform for a sigh of relief. Every customer who visits your website is aware of their login credentials or payment data. Securing the website of those who have long-term professional relationships with customers and customers should be the primary duty of a website owner and helps businesses grow in the near future. To meet this need, as a website owner, you can look for an SSL certificate that can secure the online transfer of information between the server and the user's browser.

RapidSSL certificates, is a leading brand with fast publishing, strong encryption, lowest price, money back guarantee, re-publishing, free site seal. If you are looking for basic security at lower prices, the RapidSSL brand is the best choice for your website security. HTTPS:// and site seal in the web address bar gives customers confidence, and a secure site seal increases customers' trust.

RapidSSL, is a subsidiary of GeoTrust, a highly reliable and long standing CA with an internationally recognized brand. GeoTrust has Equifax roots already present in it.

Used to issue all popular browsers and Professional Level certificates. RapidSSL also has the root used to issue FreeSSL and RapidSSL Wildcard certificates. GeoTrust features a WebTrust compliant CA and WebTrust Seal.

The RapidSSL certification range offers 99% scanner recognition rates, suitable for both test / development, lite e-commerce, and high-volume / high transaction value e-commerce.

A single root is not a chained root. RapidSSL offers SSL certificates that use single roots (owned by RapidSSL and GeoTrust) which makes installation much faster and simpler than chained root certificate installations. It comes off in minutes, installs in seconds!

All certificates use 128/256 bit industry standard SSL encryption.

All certificates are issued from a WebTrust compliant CA. Automatic verification processes are audited as part of WebTrust compatibility, this made the possibility of false publishing extremely low. Until now, there has been no recorded case of using the incorrect warranty, so avoid paying inflated prices for additional warranty.

The verification system runs online and is fully automated. No fax or documents are required and online verification is completed within minutes. As part of the procurement process with both RapidSSL and FreeSSL, businesses are assigned a Unique Business Identifier equivalent to a DUNS number. Unique Business Identifier, provides a corporate profile to Internet users through the information placed on the website. RapidSSL with Unique Job Identifier, industry-recognized domain control authentication and two-factor phone authentication, offers the most powerful real-time authentication process on the market today.

RapidSSL, is the lowest cost SSL certificate provider on the market today and low volume / low transaction value, Professional Level and lowest priced certificates suitable for all application categories such as test / development.

Why RapidSSL?

RapidSSL Wildcard certificate, is a flexible and cost-effective solution to secure an unlimited number of sub-domains with a single certificate. RapidSSL, has a fully automatic authentication process, this means you will receive your certificate within a few minutes. RapidSSL certificates, is a domain-verified SSL certificate capable of securing domains with 256-bit encryption power within a minute. RapidSSL Wildcard, can be installed on any web server very easily and allows you to add additional subdomains in the future. In general, we can list the reasons as follows.

  • Most trusted Certificate Authority (CA)
  • Affordable SSL solution
  • Domain verified (DV) SSL Certificates
  • SSL certificates can be installed in minutes
  • Increase trust and transactions
  • User and browser friendly
  • Download and install in minutes
  • Access SSL / TLS setup tools
  • Save by selecting the multi-year option
  • Free technical support via web and e-mail
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • No paperwork required
  • Secure multiple subdomains
  • Easy registration and setup
  • Issued within minutes
  • Encryption strength up to 256 bits
  • RapidSSL Site Seal gives free of charge
  • 99% browser support
  • $10,000 warranty
  • Free refactoring support
Difference of Comodo Positive SSL and RapidSSL
Comodo PositiveSSL Certificate:
in addition to being the internet's foremost security expert, it is the world's largest and most trusted Certificate Authority. Comodo has been found to control a large proportion of the global SSL market, according to a new study. Positive SSL is one of Comodo's most popular products. Positive SSL series is Comodo's entry-level brand and what's missing compensates for more than reliability and price. Positive SSL certificates, recognized by 99.9% of web and mobile browsers and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Positive SSL includes unlimited server license (this is a positive feature if your website is hosted using multiple servers). Positive SSL is at some point cheaper than RapidSSL. It also has Positive SSL, a free offer for additional website security services.

RapidSSL Certificate:
RapidSSL is part of the Symantec brand. While Comodo divides offers by product group, Symantec segments its offers by brand. So each group offers different solutions and are under separate brands. RapidSSL is one of these parts. It shows product offerings for entry-level protection, including single-site RapidSSL certification and RapidSSL Wildcard. RapidSSL is designed entirely on speed. Has automatic publishing feature and action is taken very quickly. 99.9% ubiquitous in the browserand offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
How to get RapidSSL Wildcard SSL?
How to get RapidSSL Wildcard SSL?
With the RapidSSL Wildcard certificate, you can protect all your subdomain addresses. By placing an order through our system, it will be sufficient to write your main domain name with an asterisk.

The normal SSL certificate, provides encryption for a domain. Single-domain SSL certificates are available in three validation levels, including EV.

RapidSSL Wildcard certificates have a shared private key. Sharing the same private key on all your subdomains can be said to be its only drawback. It doesn't matter if your entire site is on a single server. However, if your subdomains are on different servers, you must move and share your private key. If you are protecting multiple public subdomain addresses with the RapidSSL security certificate, a compromised certificate key will affect the security of all your protected subdomain addresses instead of just one subdomain.

RapidSSL Certificate Question - Answer

RapidSSL, is an SSL provider that offers fast and secure SSL certificates. GeoTrust owned RapidSSL but is currently part of the DigiCert group. CA provides reliable SSL certificates including RapidSSL and RapidSSL Wildcard certificate. Customers receive brand certificates, ideal for any SME and large enterprise. RapidSSL certification authority (CA) works on authentication, data integrity and encryption. For this reason, RapidSSL enables potential customers to keep their data intact while performing transactions on the secure website.

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