Comodo SSL Certificate

Single domain, no document required, $10,000 guaranteed price, 128/256 bit encryption, 99.3% browser and device compatibility, and domainname support.

SSL Prices

Comodo SSL

Type Document Mobile Subdomain Approve
Comodo PositiveSSL Certificate Comodo PositiveSSL Certificate DV Domain
0 .75 $ /Month
Comodo EssentialSSL Certificate Comodo EssentialSSL Certificate DV Domain
1 .91 $ /Month
Comodo UCC/SAN/Multi-Domain SSL Comodo UCC/SAN/Multi-Domain SSL DV Domain
2 .92 $ /Month
Comodo InstantSSL Pro Comodo InstantSSL Pro OV Document
5 .83 $ /Month
Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard Certificate Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard Certificate DV Domain
7 .08 $ /Month
Comodo PositiveSSL EV Certificate Comodo PositiveSSL EV Certificate EV Document
13 .25 $ /Month
Comodo Premium SSL Wildcard Comodo Premium SSL Wildcard OV Document
14 .92 $ /Month
Comodo Multi Domain Wildcard SSL Comodo Multi Domain Wildcard SSL DV Domain
14 .92 $ /Month
Advantages and Features of Comodo SSL Certificate
Blogs, personal sites, corporate websites, E-Commerce sites and advanced web projects
100% Strong Encryption

Your web project is safe from third parties with 128/256 bit encryption which is one of the strongest encryption methods.

Increase your Google Traffic

It supports the increase of your web traffic by making your website rise in Google organic searches.

100% Browser Compatibility

Comodo SSL, is compatible with all web browsers. It prevents you from experiencing data communication problems originating from the HTTP protocol, and it protects the data sent from you to the end user and the bank.


One of the SSL brands that provides the highest guarantee is Comodo SSL. In case of any weakness caused by SSL certificate, it provides high guarantee coverage.

Free SSL Setup

Comodo SSL installations, are installed free of charge by the Atak Domain SSL department. Please contact us if needed.

Site Security Seal

The site seal is a confirmation that your website is secure. The SSL certificate authority states that, this site is guaranteed by Comodo SSL.

Information About Comodo SSL

Information About Comodo SSL

Comodo SSL brand has different features and Comodo SSL certificates. There are various certificates such as SAN covering more than one server or domain, Wildcard SSL covering all subdomains of only one domain, EV SSL containing detailed company verification, and various SSL certificates with EV SAN features. These certificates which fulfill the basic encryption task for a domain and can only be obtained with domain verification are Comodo Instant SSL and Comodo Essential SSL security certificates. These SSL certificate solutions are Comodo SSL certificates used in medium-sized e-commerce websites, web-based mail etc internet applications. There are Comodo Instant SSL, Wildcard SSL and Comodo Essential Wildcard SSL certificates, to provide security in the subdomains of a domain.

Comodo SLL certificates that can be purchased with company verification for only one domain, are Instant SSL, Comodo Instant SSL Premium and Comodo Instant SSL Premium. Comodo Premium Wildcard has SSL certificate as an SSL certificate, that is purchased with company verification and can protect the subdomains of the domain. Comodo SSL certificate with green bar - green address bar feature is Comodo EV SSL. This certificate provides protection for only one domain.

Comodo SSL certificate can be used for a single domain or multiple domains, depending on its type. You should be careful and choose the appropriate certificate for your needs. Positive SSL, Instant SSL, Essential SSL certificates are only for one domain, but remember that, these certificates can also be used as "" or "www.".

If you want an SSL certificate that protects a single main domain and its subdomains, you can choose Premium Wildcard or Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard certificates.

Comodo Positive SSL Multidomain certificate, covers 3-100 domains.
Comodo SSL is compatible with all active banks. It is supported by 99.9% of web browsers without any problems.
When Comodo EV SSL is integrated into your web address, https encryption with a green address will be provided and, this increases the confidence of visitors to the site. Comodo's other SSL certificates do not have a green address bar feature.

You can use the site seal provided with Comodo SSL certificates on your website. Depending on the type of your SSL Comodo Certificate, there will be visible one of the words "Comodo Secure" or "Secured by Comodo Essential SSL" on the seal.

Documents Required for GoGetSSL EV and OV SSL

Legal Entities: Tax certificate, Signature Circular, Certificate of Activity, CPA, company such as LLC, INC, LTD., PTY., GmBh, AŞ, etc. can apply only. Noncommercial Organizations such as NATO are required to report their legal status. (After the documents sent, verification is made by calling) Verification Document
Individual Companies: Tax Certificate, Signature Circular, Certificate of Activity, CPA, Verification Document
Governmental Institutions: registration of, Document Showing the Year of Institution Established, Certificate of Activity, CPA
Universities: Document Showing the Establishment Date or the Decree of the Council of Ministers, Higher Education Counsel Site Registration
TRNC Companies: Tax Declaration Certificate, Memorandum, Activity Certificate, CPA
You can quickly verify with the D-U-N-S number. It is a nine-digit number called Data Universal Numbering System, which identifies organizations in the world.

The certificate shown in EV SSL is approved by the title that appears in the official documents of the company and online inquiries. The title cannot be changed. EV SSL approval is made entirely by the SSL brand.

Comodo SSL Certificate FAQ

SSL prices are valued from $9 up to $10000. SSL certificate prices are determined according to the insurance amount, mobile support, certificate verification style, brand awareness and trust status of the SSL certificate brand. Accordingly, variable price differences occur between SSL prices.

The best SSL certificate is a very relative concept. In fact, we can say that the SSL certificate that meets your needs is the best SSL certificate. Mobile compatibility is very important for websites today. When purchasing the SSL certificate, consider whether it is mobile compatible SSL or not. However, it should be emphasized that the most prestigious SSL certificates in the world are EV SSL certificates that provide a green address bar. Security-oriented sites such as corporate sites, bank sites and e-commerce sites use green-bar SSL certificates.

Now, we can say that mobile compatibility is indispensable for e-commerce sites on websites. For this, we strongly recommend using a mobile compatible SSL certificate for e-commerce sites. We recommend purchasing Comodo Essential SSL as the cheapest mobile compatible SSL certificate. If you want to buy a prestigious SSL certificate, we recommend you to buy a green bar EV SSL SSL certificate. EV SSL increases sales on e-commerce sites with the confidence it gives.

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