thawte SSL Certificate

The different features of the Thawte brand include Comodo SSL certificate products. Thawte SSL certifications can be used for multiple domain names as they are for a single domain name.

SSL Prices

thawte SSL

Type Document Mobile Subdomain Approve
thawte SSL123 Certificate thawte SSL123 Certificate DV Domain
3 .33 $ /Month
thawte SSL Webserver Certificate thawte SSL Webserver Certificate OV Document
8 .25 $ /Month
thawte SGC Supercert thawte SGC Supercert DV Domain
9 .90 $ /Month
thawte EV SSL Webserver Certificate thawte EV SSL Webserver Certificate OV Document
13 .40 $ /Month
thawte Wildcard SSL Certificate thawte Wildcard SSL Certificate OV Document
29 .17 $ /Month
Advantages and Features of thawte SSL Certificate
High level of security for individual projects, corporate websites and e-commerce sites.
100% Strong Encryption

thawte SSL certificates offer a modern 256-bit algorithm that protects your online information and frees them from all kinds of threats.

Unlimited Reissue

If you lose your private key or want to use the same certificate on another server, you can republish the certificate. Most certificate providers offer unlimited republishing.

100% Browser Compatibility

thawte SSL certificates carry the highest compatibility with all server types, desktop and mobile browsers and operating systems. Therefore, there is no warning sign your customer will encounter while browsing the website.

Warranty Guarantee

thawte SSL certificates, comes with a $10,000 warranty in case the CA issues the certificate in error.

Certificate Management

thawte SSL Wildcard certificate, allows unlimited subdomain security, so a single certificate secures all subdomains. There is no need to deal with individual certification.

Quick Edit

It takes up to 15 minutes to issue both thawte SSL certificates. CA only validates domain ownership, not requiring in-depth verification of legal documents.

Information About thawte SSL

thawte SSL

Thawte is a Certificate Authority established in 1995 in South Africa. It is now a global industry leader, having issued over 1 million Certificates since its inception. They lead the industry with a strong focus on developing new and improved security products and standards. In 2010, Symantec gathered under its own Web Security trust brands. DigiCert continued to grow in 2017 when it began managing regulatory processes and verification procedures.

The thawte brand is characterized by some distinctive features and is a popular SSL brand. For over 10 years, many customers have dedicated themselves to solving as their own SSL provider. thawte does not provide the most comprehensive browser support on the sector bar and is the first brand to support Apache servers in the past. This brand also caters specifically to a multilingual customer base. The release seal comes in 18 different languages. Document translation into English is not required; they can send documents and correspondence to dealers and customers in Brazilian Portuguese, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish.

In addition to a wide range of standard SSLs thawte, it also offers certificates with SGC's advanced encryption technology and certificates with the new Extended Validation standard for high-level authentication and identification. EV Extended Validation SSL Web Server Certificates are the newest standard for authentication. Due to the meticulous verification process regarding EV, consumers who visit an EV Certificate secured Web site will be sure that this Web site is what they say. Browsers such as Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera show the browser's unique interface rules to EVs, such as the green address bar, the name of the organization holding the certificate, and the CA. Thawte SSL Web Server with EV, provides superior authentication and 40 to 256 bit encryption at an attractive price.

thawte SSL Certificates, comes with thawte Trusted Site seal with a date stamp verifying the current validity of the SSL Certificate. Each thawte Trusted Site Seal includes EV Booster, a utility that automatically triggers root updates on Windows OS, end user systems. This update enables all these end user systems to view the Extended Validation (EV) SSL user.

Does your customer need SSL Web Server Certificates with EV?
This certification is suitable for organizations that want to increase customer confidence and reduce transaction abandonment. The identity and brand of its organization is a fundamental asset that must be protected from phishers. They want to guarantee the security of their site to Web site visitors in order to increase consumer confidence and reduce transaction opt-out rates. Website visitors should exchange personal and financial information with them through the sites and they need to be sure that this information is safe. They want the highest possible authentication for a reasonable price.

thawte SGC SuperCert certificates, depending on the capability of the user's system and server, it can connect users with up to 256-bit encryption. thawte SSL Certificates, Including a date stamp verifying the validity of the SSL Certificate, the thawte comes with the Trusted Site seal. SGC SuperCerts is best suited for sites that give high priority to the protection of information transfer between site users and the website organization such as financial, personal and e-commerce data.

thawte SSL Web Server Certificate, is an organization-validated certificate that offers 256-, 128-, 56-, or 40-bit full encryption, depending on the client's operating system, browser capability, and the encryption package installed on the web. thawte SSL Web Server, is a fully functional certificate offered at an attractive price. thawte SSL Certificates, delivered with thawte Trusted Site seal with a date stamp verifying the validity of the SSL Certificate.

thawte allows you to quickly and easily get the SSL certificate you need. Your time is precious, therefore, optimize our systems to make the installation, use, management and renewal of your SSL certificates efficient and understandable.

Their prices are low on average and their products are safe. SSL certificates support 99% browsers and all popular mobile devices and offers 256 bit encryption. SSL certificates are SAN feature, therefore, you have cheap and flexible multiple area options. You can secure an unlimited number of servers with just one certificate, and republishing is free. In addition, flexible pricing arrangements can be made to suit your business if you want to purchase a large number of certificates.

When you need help, you speak to a security professional, not an internet expert. Atak Domain support experts will help you in this regard. Choose us as your security partner and get practical help whenever you need it.

thawte has a separate solution for each institution. Appropriate entrance certificates are also available. SSL123 is an entry-level certificate that confirms that a thawte is registered with a domain name and that the customer is authorized to purchase a certificate. The certificate ensures that information is kept private between your customers 'web servers and their customers' web browsers through standard SSL encryption. thawte SSL123 Certificates, delivered with thawte Trusted Site seal with a date stamp verifying the current validity of the SSL Certificate. If your customers need to encrypt transactions on a basic e-commerce website or intranet, including private IP addresses and hostnames, they may want to consider SSL123 Certificates.

High level authentication is not a priority. Instead, encrypting core transactions is their focus. They must preserve the exchange of information between themselves and their customers. They need their certificates issued in minutes, and they don't want to submit documents regarding fully validated certificates.

thawte Code Signing
thawte Code Signing Code Signing Certificates, are highly recommended for publishers who plan to distribute code or content over the internet or corporate extranets and want to ensure the integrity and authorship of this code. A thawte Code Signing Certificate minimizes risks associated with software and application downloads by providing a digital signature that:

- Confirms that the software came from the publisher who signed it.
- Confirms that the software has not been altered or corrupted and therefore safe to install and run. Therefore, thawte Code Signing Certificates ensure that your customers' active content or code cannot be maliciously modified, it enables them to benefit from the Internet as a secure and viable platform for content distribution.

You can use a single certificate for most platforms and applications. It allows your customers to sign active content such as ActiveX, Macros, MIDlets (J2ME) and Java Applications for secure electronic distribution over the internet. Verified outside of thawte's first class certification procedures.

Types of Code Signing Certificates Offered
Microsoft Authenticode Certificate: Signs activeX controls, executables, cabinet files and other executable codes for the Authenticicode framework. It is also reliable for signing InstallShield and Wise installers.
JavaSoft Code Signing Certificate: The Java 2 plug-in is used for signing Java applications (JARs) for the Java WebStart and JCE framework.
Netscape Object Signing Certificate: Sign Netscape objects (java applications).
VBA Code Signing Certificate: Sign VBA Macro projects.
Apple Code Signing Certificate: Apple does not sign the code.
thawte SSL Certificates
thawte SSL Certificates
Thawte is currently the fifth largest certification authority in the world and its headquarters are in Cape Town, South Africa. A subsidiary of Symantec (now owned by DigiCert) and is one of the most respected names in the world of SSL certificates. Thawte Certification Authority is the most popular as it was the first to provide SSL certificates outside of the United States.

The most popular websites using Thawte certificates: ClickBank is Cleartrip and BitTorrent.

Thawte certificates provide a reliable seal to your website. You get access to a thawte Certificate Center where you can easily manage your certificate and the security of your site. You can also renew certificates, purchase additional certificates, and manage code signing certificates.

You get unlimited free re-versions for the certificate. Reissue transactions are unlimited. Unlimited server license is given. Compatible with 99% browsers. They provide industry standard encryption with 256 bit keys. They offer a 30-day full money back guarantee. Your website is insured with a $ 500,000 NetSecure Guarantee. They also provide multilingual support as their offices are located in various cities around the world.

Thawte SSL 123 Certificate: Domain verification certificates that can secure a single fully qualified domain name and provide a padlock logo to your site.
Thawte SSL Web Server Certificate: Domain and corporate verification certificates, therefore they require verification of the business behind the website. They also secure a single fully qualified domain name and provide a padlock logo to your site.
Thawte EV SSL Web Server Certificate: These are extended verification certificates, therefore requires full verification of the business behind the website and thus offers users a greater sense of trust. They secure a single fully qualified domain name.
Thawte Wildcard Certificate: Can be corporate validation or domain validation certificates and can secure multiple subdomains within a single primary fully qualified domain name.
Thawte SSL 123 Wildcard: It is a domain-approved Wildcard certificate that can secure an FQDN and all accompanying first-level subdomains.
Thawte Multi-Domain Wildcard: It is an organization-verified certificate that can secure up to 250 different domains and all accompanying first-level subdomains.
Thawte Code Signing: Sign scripts and executables quickly and easily with the highly affordable Thawte signing certificate. As a publisher, offer a more secure setup.

The only limitation of Thawte certificate authority is that they do not provide multi-domain certificates. Therefore, you cannot secure multiple domains with a single federated certificate.
Why thawte Wildcard SSL?

thawte SSL Wildcard certificate, is a flexible and cost-effective solution to secure an unlimited number of sub-domains with a single certificate. thawte SSL has a fully automatic authentication process, this means you will receive your certificate within a few minutes. thawte SSL certificates are domain verified SSL certificates capable of securing domains with 256-bit encryption strength within a minute. thawte SSL Wildcard, can be installed on any web server very easily and allows you to add additional subdomains in the future. In general, we can list the reasons as follows.

  • Most trusted Certificate Authority (CA)
  • Domain verified (DV) SSL Certificates
  • SSL certificates can be installed in minutes
  • Increase trust and transactions
  • User and browser friendly
  • Download and install in minutes
  • Access SSL / TLS setup tools
  • Save by selecting the multi-year option
  • Free technical support via web and e-mail
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • No paperwork required
  • Secure multiple subdomains
  • Easy registration and setup
  • Issued within minutes
  • Encryption strength up to 256 bits
  • thawte SSL Site Seal gives free
  • 99% browser support
  • Free refactoring support
thawte SSL Güvenlik Mühürü
thawte SSL Security Seal
It's critical to keep growth with the thawte seal and the Green EV bar. Analyzes show too many clicks on the thawte site seal, so people definitely pay attention to safety. There are many dubious backdoor sites selling similar products, that's why the seal and green bar help our customers know they are at a safe site that can be trusted. For large units, the thawte EV SSL has been an important differentiator. Many corporate firms have decided to switch to thawte, a name with a solid reputation for powerful and affordable security. Beyond that, if you are looking for a high quality SSL partner with a great history that offers the best price, you can count on thawte. Customers prominently display the thawte Real Site Seal. Corporate firms also choose to secure the payment process with Extended Validation SSL certificates, which turn the address bar green on high-security web browsers. With thawte EV SSL certificates, customers can see that their information is protected without having to click anywhere. They just look at the green bar and know. If they want more information, they can click the site seal and see that the security is up to date.

Thawte's main goal is to secure many websites by providing the best SSL security, thus increasing customer confidence to complete online transaction in a secure environment.

Thawte deals with diversified SSL products including EV (extended validation), OV (organization validation), DV (domain validation), SGC, Wildcard, SSL123, SAN SSL certificates. With the best product portfolio, Thawte is at the forefront of the customer's online security needs. Whether users choose domain authentication or code signing product, they will encounter highly encrypted products on their websites. Thawte has published the Trusted Site Seal in 18 languages to help users enjoy SSL security in their native language.

Thawte provides a reliable security solution by constantly improving SSL products according to the customer's wishes and needs. To stay one step ahead of the evolving security risk, it invests in research and development that ensures its brand is recognized in the industry. Thawte data centers and disaster recovery sites provide the best customer data protection. No matter where the customer business is, Thawte always wants to serve its customers.

thawte SSL Certificate Question – Answer

thawte SSL partners works with the best in the industry. Our partnership with Thawte enables us to sell the most trusted digital certificate brand. There are much cheaper digital certificate types on the market. Thawte is a Verisign company, the first company to start selling Digital certificates worldwide. Thawte is a well-known brand for SSL certificates, and displaying the Thawte seal on your website guarantees your customers that your certificate is issued by the best in the industry. It is of unmatched quality. Don't compromise on SSL Certificate by purchasing a cheaper brand. A large percentage of Internet users leave websites when asked to provide any information about themselves just because the website is not a secure website.

Even a single customer leaving your website because they are not comfortable submitting information to your website can cost you much more than the cost of your SSL Certificate. Thawte is a well-known brand in SSL Certificate field and the Thawte seal assures your customers that you are serious about their safety. Choose the perfect one for you. We offer a variety of different Digital Certificates to meet your Business Needs. Depending on the size of your business and the importance of security on your website, there are several options you can use to purchase Digital Certificates as above.

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