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SSL Prices

Type Mobile View Approve
Comodo PositiveSSL Certificate Comodo PositiveSSL Certificate DV HTTPS:// Domain
0 .75 $ /Month
eTugra Standart	eTugra Standart DV HTTPS:// Domain
0 .83 $ /Month
RapidSSL Certificate RapidSSL Certificate DV HTTPS:// Domain
1 .17 $ /Month
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Certificate (FLEX) GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Certificate (FLEX) DV HTTPS:// Domain
5 .67 $ /Month
GlobalSign Domain SSL GlobalSign Domain SSL DV HTTPS:// Domain
9 .92 $ /Month
DigiCert OV SSL Certificate (FLEX) DigiCert OV SSL Certificate (FLEX) OV HTTPS:// Document
26 .58 $ /Month

Certificate Types

SSL certificates have different SSL types depending on the verification level they provide such as DV SSL, OV SSL, EV SSL, and the number of domains they protect, namely Multi-domain, Multi Domain SSL, Wildcard, subdomain support.

DV SSL (Domain Validation)

  • DV SSL - refers to Domain Validation SSL.
  • It is the fastest SSL provided by looking at Domain Whois information.
  • Provides HTTPS and lock view in security domain address bar to SSL.
  • You can integrate DV SSL into your website in minutes.
  • DV SSL is ideal for informational websites and blogs.
  • DV SSLs are less expensive than other types of certificates.
  • It does not require documentation for verification.
  • Supports 99.9% desktop and mobile browsers.

OV SSL (Organization Validation)

  • In order to purchase an OV SSL certificate, it is obligatory to present a document showing the legal situation of your company or institution.
  • It is suitable for e-commerce sites and medium-sized companies.
  • SSL verification time can take between 2-7 days.
  • The domain address bar that uses OV SSL contains HTTPS and lock, and if you click the lock icon you can see the company information.
  • Users who visit your website will get an idea about the corporate structure of your company by looking at your OV SSL certificate.
  • OV SSL is preferred for companies that pay importance to brand and corporate presentation.
  • OV SSL certificates are recommended for sites that request information from users within the scope of PDPL.

EV SSL (Extended Validation)

  • EV SSL is also defined as the green bar SSL. Since the activation is made with certain documents, it takes 5-15 days depending on the SSL brand.
  • The primary function of EV SSL Certificate is to enable online users to transact with an authenticated e-commerce website.
  • Websites using EV SSL certificate have padlock sign, HTTPS and green address bar.
  • EV SSL certificate is preferred for E-Commerce sites, payment systems, corporate companies.
  • Only companies and organizations can buy EV SSL certificate.

Multi Domain SSL Certificate

Multi Domain SSL
  • Multi Domain SSL can be defined to many domains at once.
  • An extra fee is added for additional domains or subdomains
  • The same Multi Domain SSL can be used for up to 250 different domains.
  • Multi Domain SSL certificates are preferred by large companies and organizations.

Wildcard SSL Certificate

Multi Domain SSL
  • Wildcard SSL Certificate prevents you from getting separate SSL certificate for each domain and saves money.
  • Since multiple domains and subdomains are managed with the same SSL, you use time optimally.
  • With Wildcard SSL, you protect your name and subdomains such as and
  • Easy certificate management.
  • Cheapest price, unlimited subdomains - subdomain security, multiple server flexibility.
Rise on Google by using SSL
Rise on Google by using SSL
Google search engine announced that websites with SSL certificates will rank higher in the search results. Get ahead of your competitors by purchasing an SSL certificate.
Encrypt and Stay Safe
Encrypt data flow on your website and prevent malicious individuals from obtaining sensitive information such as credit card numbers and membership information.

Encrypt and Stay Safe

About SSL Certificate

What is an SSL Certificate?

What is an SSL Certificate?

The word SSL is in English and the abbreviation stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL certificate is the process of presenting the data sent - shown during the communication between the server and the receiver by encrypting them. Its most common use is to encrypt data between the server and the web browser during data exchange on a website.

How does SSL Works?

It is based on an encoding method with the use of keys defined as SSL Public Key / Private Key.

There are two keys for SSL encryption. These keys are software encoded in the digital field. We can only open the data that a key has encrypted with the other key. After you create your keys (SSL does this by default, you do not need to do anything), the private key from the keys remains with you. The other public key is sent to the person you will connect with.

The person who will send you data from the outside will send the data to you securely using the public key. Even if the data is accessed during data communication before the data reaches you, you need your private key to decrypt the password. 40-bit or 128-bit encryption is used depending on the type of SSL Certificates. This type of encryption will take a lot of time to decipher, even with advanced technologies.

In summary, the SSL Certificate prevents the computers that exchange data from interfering with the data sent by a third party and ensures that data is transferred securely only between the computers that exchange data.

Why Should I Use SSL?

Why Should I Use SSL?
The SSL certificate ensures that an encrypted communication is established between the web browser and the server or website visitor. It prevents data communication from access by third parties.
It helps your website to rank higher in the Google search engine. It is one of the most important essentials for SEO.
In Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc. browsers, the domain appears with the safe lock symbol.
It gives users confidence and trust in your site.

Which SSL Certificate Should I Choose?

Which SSL Certificate Should I Choose?
The answer to the question of which SSL certificate should you choose and buy depends on your project and your company. If you want to buy an SSL for SEO, you can choose the cheapest SSL certificate.

SSL for SEO: Any of the DV SSL certificates will be sufficient for you.

SSL for e-commerce companies: Company Approved OV, in other words, Organization Validation or EV - Extended Validation - Green bar SSL certificates may be suitable for you.

SSL for large companies and organizations: Multi-Domain SSL, Wildcard SSL, OV, in other words, Organization Validation or EV - Extended Validation - Green bar SSL

Subdomain supported SSL: You should prefer Wildcard SSL certificates.

Multiple domain support SSL: You should buy Multi-Domain SSL Certificates.

SSL for projects with multiple domains and subdomains: You should choose Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificates.

SSL Certificate FAQ

SSL prices are priced from USD 9 up to USD 1000. SSL certificate prices are determined according to the insurance amount, mobile support, certificate verification style, brand awareness and trust status of the SSL certificate brand. Accordingly, variable price differences occur between SSL prices.

The best SSL certificate is a very relative concept. In fact, we can say that the SSL certificate that meets your needs is the best SSL certificate. Mobile compatibility is very important for websites today. When purchasing SSL certificate, consider whether it is mobile compatible SSL or not. However, it should be emphasized that the most prestigious SSL certificates in the world are EV SSL certificates that provide a green address bar. Security-oriented sites such as corporate sites, bank sites and E-Commerce sites use green-bar SSL certificates.

Now, we can say that mobile compatibility is a must in e-commerce sites on websites. For this, we strongly recommend using a mobile compatible SSL certificate for e-commerce sites. We recommend purchasing Comodo Essential SSL as the cheapest mobile compatible SSL certificate. If you want to buy a prestigious SSL certificate, we recommend you to buy a green bar EV SSL SSL certificate. EV SSL increases sales on E-Commerce sites with the confidence it provides.

All our SSL certificates are compatible with all banks in the world.

SSL certificate types vary according to your project. You can complete your order by making the necessary selection by visiting our SSL product pages.

SSL installation varies according to the used hosting panel or the server. You can get free support from Atak Domain Support Team for SSL installation.

  • Click for Microsoft IIS 5.x, 6.X SSL Certificate Install
  • Click for cPanel SSL Certificate Install
  • Click for Plesk SSL Certificate Install

SSL is used in the following internet projects:

  • E-commerce sites - marketplaces must use SSL.
  • If you do not want third parties to access your internet projects, you have to use SSL.
  • You should use SSL for your website to stand out in the Google search engine.
  • SSL is used in prestigious projects.

Depending on the certificate type, SSL insurance amount varies between USD 10,000 and USD 1,750,000.

If you delete your SSL certificate, our support team will redefine your certificate for free of charge.

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