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With .pn domain, present your connection to the Pitcairn culture and make a commitment to providing the best internet experience in Pitcairn. a .pn domain name helps your website stand out in a sea of content online because it is professional, short and memorable. Pitcairn has kinds of oil and natural gas, many Fire Mountain, named for the reason that is constantly flaming from underground gas deposits. Pitcairn is a country of firsts, first fire known to man, first city built on stilts, and much more accomplishments we hope to come out of the grape loving country.

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About Pitcairn Islands
It is a volcanic island south of the Great Ocean. It is located 2170 km southeast of Tahiti and is the smallest country in the world. Outside of Pitcairn Island,there are Oeno, Henderson and Ducie islands, along with the United Kingdom's Pitcairn Islands overseas. It is a rugged semi-crater about 300 m above sea level. Surrounded by steep rocks, the island has an astropic climate. Pitcairn Island, discovered in 1767 by British naval officer Philip Carteret, took its name from the first seafarer.

Pitcairn Islands Area Code: +64
Pitcairn Islands Currency: New Zealand Dollar
Cities of the Pitcairn Islands
Economy of Pitcairn Islands
Besides beekeeping, fishing, fruit and vegetable collection in the country, one of the main sources of income is the export of postage stamps. In the country, which is a tourism center, income is also generated from the sale of gift articles. Industry: Postage stamps, handicrafts. Agricultural products: Fruits and vegetables, goats, chickens.
Pitcairn Islands Exported Products
Fruits, Vegetables, Antiques, Stamps, Telephones, Cocoa Beans, Microphones and Headphones, Video Recorders and Broadcast Equipment.
Pitcairn's Import Products
Fuel, machinery, building materials, flour, sugar, other food products. Great Construction Tools, Non-Knitting Men's Suits, Other Copper Products, Automobiles & Legumes.
Pitcairn Islands Export Countries
Hong Kong, France, Mexico, Guetamala and Sri Lanka.
Pitcairn Islands Import Countries
Italy, Tunisia, New Zealand, France and Great Britain.
Nations Living in Pitcairn Islands
Today, people living on the island are descendants of the rebels in Bounty.
Languages Spoken in Pitcairn Islands
Official languages; English, Pitkern
.pn Domain Informations
.pn Address Lenght 3 - 63 character
.pn Register Duration 1 - 1 year
.pn Name Server Count 2 - 10 number
.pn IDN Support No
.pn Transfer No
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Need help for .pn domain registration?
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