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MultiDomainSAN SSL

Multi Domain SAN SSL SSL Certificates

SSL certificates, which protect different domains, in other words multiple domain addresses defined as SAN, with a single certificate, are defined as Multi Domain San SSL and allow you to protect up to 250 different domains and subdomains. You can add new domains or subdomains while the certificate is active.
Type Document Mobile Subdomain Approve
Comodo Multi Domain Wildcard SAN Comodo Multi Domain Wildcard SAN DV Domain
10 .75 $ /Month
GeoTrust True BusinessID SAN GeoTrust True BusinessID SAN OV Document
16 .58 $ /Month
GeoTrust True BusinessID SAN Extended GeoTrust True BusinessID SAN Extended OV Document
27 .08 $ /Month
eTugra Multidomain 15 Domain eTugra Multidomain 15 Domain OV Document
41 .67 $ /Month

What is Multi Domain SSL Certificate?

What is Multi Domain SSL Certificate?
Multi Domain Certificates, also defined as SAN SSL certificates, are SSL certificates that you can add more than one domain. Any Multi Domain SSL certificate is configured to be installed in multiple domains and subdomains. These certificates are ideal for securing many domains in different domains and subdomains such as example in Exchange / OCS mediums. You also have the option to add, change and delete any of the SAN SSL certificates instantly to meet the evolving needs of your network. SAN SSL works as follows:

You can protect the following domains with any Multi Domain SAN SSL certificate:

SAN SSL certification provides a lot of convenience especially for large companies, group companies, banks and institutions.

The number of SANs and Domains you can secure varies according to the certificate brand:
  • With Symantec SSL or Thawte SAN SSL certificate, you can protect up to 25 domains or sub domains.
  • You can combine up to 210 domains with the Comodo SAN certificate.
  • You can install up to 200 domains and subdomains on GlobalSign SAN certificate.
  • You can activate 100 domains with GeoTrust SAN SSL.
Customers are safe when they are mobilised since SAN certificates are fully compatible with mobile browsers such as smartphones and tablets.
  • Multi Domain SSL can be defined to many domains at once.
  • An extra fee is added for additional domains or subdomains added.
  • The same Multi Domain SSL can be used for up to 250 different domains.
  • Multi Domain SSL certificates are preferred by large companies and institutions.
Advantages and Features of Multi Domain San SSL Certificate
A prestigious and powerful solution for your organization / company's website and E-Commerce sites
Save Money

You can save money by choosing the Multi Domain SAN SSL certificate, as it can be used to cover multiple domains that require SSL on a server.

Save Time

SAN SS is the SSL certificate you can use on multiple websites. You can verify all the domains you manage with a single certificate and manage them from a single point.

Strong Data Encryption

Multi Domain San SSL is a security tool that keeps information passing over the internet confidential and protected. SAN SSL protects your data with data encryption technology up to 256 bits.

Browser - User Friendly

Multi Domain San SSL removes the unsafe warning on the user's browser that the certificate is not recognized or there may be some problems. It keeps the user safe.

Free Multi Domain San SSL Setup

We provide free technical support for Multi Domain San SSL installation. Our SSL technical support experts define your SSL certificate free of charge for Multi Domain San SSL installation.

Transfer and Add Domain

If needed, you can move your SAN SSL certificate to another server and add new ones to the defined domains.

Protect Multiple Domains and Unlimited Subdomains
Extend the scope of protection even for subdomains with SAN SSL, also known as Multi Domain SSL, which allows you to secure multiple domains on a server and unlimited subdomains of domains. SAN SSL certificates are ideal for organizations and companies that want to protect many domains with a single SSL.
Leading SSL Certificate Company
Leading SSL Certificate Company
Atak Domain is a vendor of Etuğra SSL, Comodo SSL, Symantec SSL, DigiCert SSL, GlobalSign SSL, GeoTrust SSL, Thawte SSL, Thawte SSL, Rapid SSL, Alpha SSL, Sectigo SSL, RegTrust SSL certificates and provides the latest algorithm, strong authentication and it aims to supply SSL certificates to its customers at the cheapest price along with the best browser compatibility.

Atak Domain offers solutions to its customers with SSL certificate brands according to the web security needed worldwide. You can benefit from our discounted prices and unique services for all our SSL certificates.
Add Up To 250 Domains with SAN SSL
The Multi-Domain SAN SSL certificate allows you to add SSL up to 250 different domains on a single server, depending on the brand.You can add additional SAN at any time. Atak Domain offers you the cheapest SAN SSL certificates with 4 different domain packages. Therefore, you have to pay extra for additional server licenses.
Add Up To 250 Domains with SAN SSL
Global Protection for Your Business
Global Protection for Your Business
SAN SSL certificate is ideal for all online businesses that manage multiple websites in the global market and seek a one-stop security solution to provide a secure shopping experience.

Multi Domain SSL certificate secures multiple sites with industry standard encryption (SHA-256) and saves overpayment for purchasing additional certificates as well as saving time and money by reducing the SSL certificate manager's problem for managing multiple certificates.
Easy to Manage
Multi-Domain SSL certificate is known for the easiest certificate management and due that, purchasing Multi-Domain SSL is very advantageous. SAN, allows one server and a single certificate covering multiple domain installations, so the certificate administrator has no difficulty managing multiple domains. It is sufficient for all administrators to purchase and install a single SAN certificate to make the certificate management smoothly.
Easy to Manage
Unlimited Server License
Unlimited Server License
SAN SSL certificate offers unlimited server license for free. You can set up the same SAN SSL certificate by moving it to different servers. You do not have to pay additional for this. SAN SSL certificate will save you money and time.
Rise in Google Organic Searches
Especially organic searches on Google are the most important traffic source for all websites. By switching to HTTPS with Multi Domain San SSL certificate, you can increase your ranking in organic search results and be one step ahead of your competitors.
Lowest Price and Best Support
Lowest Price and Best Support
Regarding Wildcard SSL certificate, you can purchase Wildcard SSL products of all SSL brands on our site.

You can order a Wildcard SSL right away from Atak Domain to take advantage of our warranty fee up to US $ 1.75 million, secure access without www and www, free secure site seal, free expert support.

Our inexpensive Wildcard SSL certificates have a standard x.509 digital signature and are suitable for most desktop and mobile browsers. Depending on the certificate provider you choose, you will have some additional features such as ECC encryption, unlimited server license, daily malware scanning, vulnerabilities assessment, security seal search and page loading speed.

Multi Domain SAN SSL Certificate FAQ

Multidomain SSL certificates are SSL certificates that support multiple domains that you can purchase without a document process. SSL insurance on these SSL certificates, varies between USD 10,000 and USD 500,000, depending on the brand.

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