Setting up e-trade website is like establishing a business beyond creating a website. Atak Domain aims to show theoretically and practically how to create online store through Bay Bilmiş.

Bay bilmiş

Issues to avoid

  • To enter in the market with inconsistent domain name
  • To enter in the market without setting corporate identity
  • To start with a useless page
  • Bad design
  • Slow loading pages
  • Harmful infrustructure for search engine

Your earnings with a good strategy

  • New customers
  • Increasing sales
  • Increasing customer loyalty- commitment
  • Decrease of operating costs and efficiency increase

How can we measure whether we are on the right way?

Site Traffic: Number of visitors in your website
Page visit duration: Number of pages visited and page visit duration
Turnover: Subscribed customers and their orders
Customer Loyalty: Does the customer purchase anything for the 2nd time in your website?

For a sound e-commerce Project;

Managing E-trade web sites is not possible with one-man bands. A successful e-trade web site will be set up by the works of a strong team.