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Atak Domain provides professional technical support for the latest technology SSL certificates and SSL installation of almost all SSL brands. We have customers and domain companies that need a large number of SSL certificates.
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SSL Reseller and Bulk SSL Purchase

SSL Certificate Reseller
Atak Domain provides professional technical support for the latest technology SSL certificates and SSL installation of almost all SSL brands.

Our SSL Reseller service is the perfect solution for our customers, domain companies, hosting companies, agencies and corporate companies who need a large number of SSL certificates that purchase a large number of SSL.

Become an SSL Reseller in 3 Steps

How Does the SSL Reseller Program Work?

When you open a membership through the Domain Name API, it means that you start operating as a reseller. You can purchase SSL at Reseller prices from your admin panel. In the SSL reseller program, there are 3 different slabs as in our domain reseller service: Reseller (dealers who purchase SSL certificates between 0-100), Premium (dealers who purchase SSL certificates between 100-1000) and Platinum (dealers who purchase 1000+ SSL certificates and above.). SSL prices vary according to reseller slabs.

SSL Prices

Brand SSL Reseller (0-100 SSL) Premium (101-999 SSL) Platinum (1000+ SSL)
Comodo Positive SSL $4,49 $4,39 $4,29
Etuğra Standart SSL $4,49 $4,39 $4,29

Easy Integration with SSL API

To manage SSL certificate online, we have NET SSL API, PHP SSL API, Rest SSL API, WHMCS SSL API, Hostbill SSL API, WiseCP SSL APIs for companies, domain companies, hosting companies, web agencies that want to get SSL dealership via over our Domain Reseller and SSL Reseller program.




Rest SSL Api

Rest SSL Api



Hostbill SSL Api

Hostbill SSL Api

WiseCP SSL Api

WiseCP SSL Api

Sell SSL Certificates to Your Customers

Being an SSL Reseller program, membership is free and is very advantageous for companies operating in the domain / hosting industry. Being a seller of all SSL brands under RegTrust® within means you will increase your profit margin and set your own price policy for each SSL Certificate you sell. By paying the deposit as much as you buy, you can buy the cheapest SSL certificate and sell it to your customers. With the SSL reseller program, it is very easy for domain hosting companies and internet service providers to integrate SSL Certificate products into their product portfolio.
  • Set SSL prices yourself
  • Start Now Selling SSL
  • Access the Best SSL Certificate Brands from a single API
  • 256 Bit Strong SSL Encryption
  • Advanced Order System
  • Rich API Variety
  • Advanced Reseller Control Panel
  • Full automation

Advantages of SSL Reseller Program

Best Brands at Best Price

We offer our resellers SSL certificates at the most competitive price. You can choose being Platinum Reseller for the cheapest SSL prices.

Free SSL Reseller

We do not charge for SSL Reseller. You only pay for the purchased certificate. There are no preconditions, hidden fees or commitments.

We are the Same with SSL Brands

We offer security products from the world's most well-known SSL brands. When you purchase an SSL certificate from us, you and your customers will receive the same certificate as you purchased directly from CAs (SSL brands).

Set Your Own Selling Price

We do not control your sales price upper limit. You can set your profit margin and sell SSL at prices you set yourself.

SSL Reseller Portal

You can efficiently manage your customer orders, certificate registration, renewal reminder, rearrangement and cancellation processes through the dealer portal.

With your own Brand (White Label)

You can be an SSL reseller with 100% your own brand. We never contact your customers. You can sell SSL directly by yourself.

Best SSL Certificate Brands

You can start offering the products of the best SSL Certificate brands to your customers on your website. We gathered all major SSL brands such as Comodo SSL, Symantec SSL, Digicert SSL, Sectigo SSL, Rapid SSL, Thawte SSL, Geotrust SSL, Etugra SSL, Alpha SSL, Regtrust SSL, Symantech SSL, GlobalSign SSL on a single SSL API.
  • Comodo
  • RapidSSL
  • AlphaSSL
  • Geotrust
  • Symentec
  • Thawte
  • GlobalSign
  • E-Tugra
  • Digicert
  • Sectigo

Why Should I become an SSL Reseller?

Rapidly Growing Market

Become a part of this growing SSL market for over USD 1 billion.

Best SSL Certificate Brands

You can manage all SSL brands over a single SSL API via our SSL Reseller program.

Cheapest SSL Prices

Partners receive best-in-class dedicated sales and technical support.

Expert Support

Support of a dedicated team of industry experts on SSL Certificates.

Widest SSL Certificate Portfolio

You can access all your SSL Certificate needs through a single SSL API.

Making Profit Potentiality

We offer all SSL brands at the cheapest price. You can increase your profits by earning high income from SSL certificate.

Global Technical Support

As of January 2021, we provide technical support to our resellers in 70 countries before and after sales.


You can easily integrate SSL certificates into your website by using the REST API.

WHMCS is a customer management, billing and support program for domain hosting companies. WHMCS is a powerful automation and support tool for SSL purchasing, domain registration, hosting management and server management.

You can now start to sell and manage SSL Certificates with our WHMCS module. It has become very convenient and easy for you to automatically install and price SSL Certificate products through our WHMCS SSL API.


Joining our SSL Reseller program is easy and free. If you want to supply SSL with cheap SSL prices, you can register here for the free SSL Reseller program.

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