About Cayman Islands
The Cayman Islands are a UK community island connected to the three major islands in the Caribbean, located in northwestern Cuba, south of Jamaica. Georgetown is the largest settlement. George Town is the capital. Neighbors; The Cayman Islands are land by sea and neighboring Panama, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela by Cuba, Honduras, Jamaica and Colombia.

Cayman Islands phone code: +1
Cayman Islands currency: Cayman Islands Dollar
Cayman Islands Cities
Cayman Brac, George Town, Grand Cayman
Cayman Islands Economy
Tourism in the Cayman Islands has an important place in the economy of the country. The country also developed the ship industry. Boats, aircraft, helicopter industry is important. Since there is no tax, industrial production has improved. It is a country that succeeds in attracting foreign investors.
Cayman Islands’ Export Products
Boats, Passenger and Cargo Ships, Airplanes, Helicopters, Gold and Paintings
Cayman Islands’ Imports Products
Recreational Boats, Passenger and Cargo Ships, Refined Petroleum, Gold and Sulphate Chemical Woodpulp
Cayman Islands’ Export Countries
Malta, the Netherlands, Seychelles, Germany and the United States.
Cayman Islands’ Import Countries
The Netherlands, Germany, the United States, Norway and Great Britain.
Cayman Islands’ Living Nations
More than half of the population is composed of domestic Caymanians. The other half of the population is African-Caucasian.
Cayman Islands’ Spoken Languages
Official language is English. Different ethnic groups speak their own language as well as English.
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