Atak Domain takes internet safety seriously. Learn about different types of abuse, and how to report them, below. There are a couple of ways to report abuse to Atak Domain. Please be aware that we address a large volume of complaints and may respond to you only if we need further information or clarification.

You can send us email to [email protected] to make sure we have all the necessary information, and that it goes to the right department.

General process is as follows:

  • We add all received abuse reports to a list
  • We give an ID number to the reported domain
  • We use a ticketing system to track abuse reports throughout the process.
  • We assign a staff member to each ticket and assign that person to monitor the reported domain name
  • Our staff checks whether the reported domain name is misused (such as malware, spam) that you report. Here the status of the ticket is updated as in the checking phase.
  • The report will be reviewed by our abuse team and the account manager responsible. If the reported misconduct is beyond our control and/or responsibility, the whistleblower will be notified accordingly.
  • If the report is deemed to be genuine and acceptable, the customer account manager or, if applicable, the reseller will coordinate with the Registered Name Holder (RNH) to initiate the relevant issue resolution process. Here, the registrant is given a period of time to complete the transaction.
  • We are continuously monitoring RNH to see that the reported issue has been resolved.
  • If not fulfilled within the stipulated time frame, we will take further action and follow up with RNH continuously until the decision is met.
  • If domain registration needs to be suspended or terminated, we will take appropriate action.
  • After the abuse report is resolved, we will create an incident report and keep records of the incident for at least two years in accordance with section 3.18.3 of the 2013 ICANN RAA.

Resolution process concerning Whois inaccuracy information

Within 2 business days from the receipt of the claim, we start the investigation of the WHOIS data by sending an email to the Registered Name Holder (RNH) and to the Client Account Holder (CAH) in copy. RNH or CAH is expected to send to us all documentation he deems acceptable in order to prove the accuracy of Whois data within 7 days. Whois data includes the domain name holder and all contacts.Failure to respond by the mandated timeframe to our inquiries will led to a failure of the resolution process.

We will study all documentation received and will decide either:
◦ to confirm the legacy of the documentation and the accuracy of the current Whois data.
Then we close the resolution process with success
◦ to confirm the legacy of the documentation and the inaccuracy of the current Whois data.
Then we update them and close the resolution process with success
◦ to fail the resolution process. In such case, the domain name is suspended or deleted according to the registry policy and RNH / CAH are notified.

Notes: Inaccurate information on a domain’s Whois records must be updated in a timely manner. As the Registrar, we are responsible for maintaining the Whois for all domains registered through us,
ensuring the information provided therein is up-to-date and accurate. We are required, as per our ICANN obligations, to ensure that all claims of inaccuracy are investigated.

Resolution process concerning cybersquatting and Trademark infringements

Within 2 business days from the receipt of the claim, we can forward by email your complaint to the Registered Name Holder (RNH) and to the Client Account Holder (CAH) in copy. If you ask us to share the RNH contact information:

- If these information is publicly available, we will send you the current Whois data.

- If these information are not disclosed in Whois database but available through a registry process, we will advise you how to proceed.

- In other cases, if the RNH is subject to the GDPR law (“General Data Protection Regulation”), whose contact information is not disclosed in the Whois database, and not available through a registry process, you will have to send us a formal request. This letter must be sent in writing and be compliant with GDRP law.

Notes: Atak Domain, as a Registrar, is only a technical and administrative intermediary between the Registered Name Holder (RNH) and the corresponding Registry. As such, Atak Domain is not responsible for any trademark infringements caused by domain names under our management and registered by our clients. In addition, based on a claim, Atak Domain is not legally competent to carry out any measures such as suspension, deletion, revocation or transfer of ownership. These actions can only be carried out following a court decision against the RNH or any other dispute resolution procedure concerning domain names such as the ICANN’s Uniform Domain-Name DisputeResolution Policy (You can read more about that policy often called the “UDPR” and how to submit a claim here: or available alternative dispute resolution processes with the corresponding registry.


All Types of Abuse

You can email us at one of the addresses listed below. If you prefer to email us, send us only one report per domain and do not alter the URL in any way.


Types of Abuse



Information needed to report


A site pretending to be another site with the intention of stealing login/personal identification information.

Full domain path.
Note: The website must be live and contain a login area.

Privacy concerns

For concerns regarding Privacy or GDPR



A site that participates in malware or virus distribution, or URLs to download. You can also report sites that promote, encourage, or engage in computer or network hacking and cracking.

Full domain path.

Network abuse

A site performing network attacks such as brute force or denial of service.

Offending IP address and a small example of the log.
----Begin logs----
----End logs----


Unsolicited email, texts or SMS messages. Wire transfer fraud, etc.

Copy of the original email in .eml format, or originating sender and content of SMS spam.

Copyright complaints

A website hosted on Atak Domain ( products is using copyrighted material without your permission.

Full domain path.

Trademark complaints

A website hosted on Atak Domain ( products is using a trademarked item without your permission.

Full domain path.

Domain disputes

Please see ICANN's Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy.


Account changes


Full domain path.

Invalid WHOIS

You suspect a domain has been registered with fake information.

Domain name.
Note: If your information has been used for the invalid registration, please let us know.

Content complaints

Disturbing imagery, violence, etc.
Questionable pharmacy content on a website.
Content that displays personal information such as a social security number or credit card number.
Fake technical support sites not phishing login information.

Full domain path.

Child abuse

Material found on a website that promotes, encourages, or engages in child exploitation or abuse of children.

Full domain path.