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Internet users of Isle of Man hope to see website addresses with .im domain names, while searching online. No matter that you are an Isle of Mani local, a small business owner, an engineer, a designer, or just someone who likes to surf the net freely, a .im domain name fits for you. You can be ranked higher in local search results and in the middle of the locals with a .im domain name.

With .im domain, present your connection to the Isle of Man culture and make a commitment to providing the best internet experience in Isle of Man. a .im domain name helps your website stand out in a sea of content online because it is professional, short and memorable. Isle of Man has kinds of oil and natural gas, many Fire Mountain, named for the reason that is constantly flaming from underground gas deposits. Isle of Man is a country of firsts, first fire known to man, first city built on stilts, and much more accomplishments we hope to come out of the grape loving country.

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About Isle of Man
Isle of Man is an internally self-governing dependent country of Tac, which is not part of the United Kingdom. The 1000-year-old Parliament of the island, Tynwald, governs the UK government's external affairs - such as foreign representation and defense - but conducts its own laws and controls all internal management, financial and social policies. Isle of Man is an autonomous province of the Kingdom of Great Britain. It measures 572 square kilometers. It is a very small island and is known as a tax haven. It lies on the Irish Sea, northwest of England, on the coast of England and Northern Ireland. A large part of the island, which is covered with hills, reaches 620 meters in Snaefell. There are steep cliffs, beautiful bays and gulfs especially in the southern coasts. The capital Douglas located in one of these bays, which took its name from the two rivers, Dhoo and Glass, that are merged into the sea. Large rivers originating from the mountains flow through deep valleys such as Sulby and Aldyn, while low plateaus are shattered by shallow valleys. The sandy coast is the most fertile land of the island in the low northern region, which is not much indented. No one lives in Calf of Man Island, which consists of steep cliffs off the southwest coast of the island. The climate is mild and temperate. On the island there are many semi-tropical plants, as well as common ferns, such as dog-pox, which give the fences with bushes a colorful appearance. The breeding area of the seals is Calf of Man. The common short-tailed or unseen man cat is not an original species.

Isle of Man's Area Code: +44
Man's Currency: Euro
Cities of Isle of Man
Port St Mary, Douglas.
Man's Economy
The island economy depends on various sectors such as aviation, tourism, finance and e-game.
Banking System
The banking system is similar to that in the UK - all current accounts, deposit accounts and other services offered by the UK and the UK are also offered by Isle of Man.
Financial Services
With Isle of Man growing rapidly as an international financial center, there was a need to strengthen the image and reputation of the island with appropriate supervision and effective regulation. This task belongs to the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Two hundred companies are joining the manufacturing industry from small family businesses to big employers. All these are supported by the Government under a financial incentive program designed to promote the growth and development of exports and to increase employment opportunities offered to the people of the Island.
Tourism and Trade
Mass tourism, short breaks, special interests and special events, motor sports activities are being carried out in the past years. Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry provide important employment and have political, social and strategic importance. The Isle of Man, through the Ministry of Environment, Food and Agriculture, offers a wide range of financial support measures and services to farmers and growers through grants, loans and subsidies. In addition, consultancy / technical services are provided for all aspects of disease and pest control, agriculture, livestock, farm management, horticulture and fishing industry.
The Isle of Man is ideally positioned to facilitate the growth of global e-commerce. With a world-class telecommunication structure and low tax environment, e-commerce can attract worldwide. It is an important location for high-tech financial services, continues to develop its legal and technological structure to cope with increasing business demand. It provides comprehensive support services such as website design, software and hardware suppliers and internet payment gateway facilities.
Nations Living in the Isle of Man
People born in the Ionian are less than half of the population, while the rest are almost entirely immigrants from the UK and Ireland.
Spoken Languages in Isle of Man
Official language; English. Local languages are in Manks.
.im Domain Informations
.im Address Lenght 3 - 63 character
.im Register Duration 1 - 10 year
.im Name Server Count 2 - 10 number
.im IDN Support No
.im Transfer Yes
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