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Single domain and does not require paperwork. USD 10,000 warranty. 128/256 bit encryption, 99.3% browser and device compatibility. Encryption with and support for

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Advantages and Features of AlphaSSL Certificate
High level security at the best price for personal projects, corporate websites and e-commerce sites
Cost Effective Security

All mobile devices and popular browsers transparently trust AlphaSSL. It is issued from a reliable RSA 2048-bit root and provides very strong 256-bit encryption.

Free Reissue Operation

Ideal for entry-level websites. With AlphaSSL certificates, you don't have to pay extra for re-keying or republishing your SSL certificate

Higher Rankings

The certificate helps you improve the ranking of your website in Google search results. Improved search results will provide you more effective sales conversions in the near future.

You are Safe with the Guarantee

AlphaSSL certificate guarantee fees are quite high. Guarantee fees vary according to the EV SSL certificate brand. It pays you a high warranty fee in case you experience problems due to certification.

Free AlphaSSL Installation

We provide free technical support for the documents required for AlphaSSL. Our SSL technical support experts can define your SSL certificate for AlphaSSL installation.

Site Security Seal

AlphaSSL secure site seal on your website gives confidence to your site. Site seal shows the assurance of the SSL brand providing the certificate to the site.

Information about AlphaSSL


AlphaSSL certificates are one of the best options for the security of your website. Among the SSL Certificates products on the market, AlphaSSL is one of the best authorities in the SSL industry and provides the most robust security.

With the development of technology, the risks of cyber attacks have increased. For this, you need SSL certificate which will help you avoid any risk of phishing, MiTM attack on your website.

Many SSL Certificate providers that offer certificates, issue many different types of SSL certificates such as domain validation (DV), organization validation (OV), extended validation (EV) and code signing certificate. AlphaSSL provides standard SSL certificate to secure the most affordable domain name.

AlphaSSL Certificates are issued from expert and reliable 2048-bit GlobalSign-based certificate while offering strong encryption with 256-bit encryption strength between the client and the website. AlphaSSL Certificates are recognized by all popular browsers and mobile devices.

It activates the padlock which symbolizes visitors that they have a secure connection in the browser. This feature allows visitors to use SSL from their browsers to your server, keeping customer data encrypted which is especially important in e-commerce transactions, and increases confidence in the security of your website.

AlphaSSL also offers a free clickable Secure Site Seal. This site seal shows the assurance given to the site by the SSL brand providing the certificate which is also known as dynamic seal. You can also upload your certificate from AlphaSSL to an unlimited number of servers, however a single SSL Certificate secures both the and versions of your website and, it doesn't require two separate certificates.

AlphaSSL certificates are guaranteed against mis-regulation. With AlphaSSL, you can obtain the right certificate for you from 3 different levels of certification namely Domain, Corporate and Extended.

AlphaSSL Wildcard Certificates
All the advantages and features of the standard AlphaSSL certificate apply to a single domain name but, an SSL in Wildcard SSL form allows you to secure every subdomain in your entire domain with a single Wildcard SSL Certificate. This may be preferred if your website uses multiple subdomains and, you share an IP address between sites. You can save time, money and effort by using AlphaSSL Wildcard SSL Certificate.

  • Editing time of 3 minutes or less
  • Domain verification
  • Unlimited server licenses
  • Ability to purchase certificates for up to two years
  • 2048 bit signature strength
  • 256 bit encryption
  • 24/7 online ordering
  • 9% of web and mobile browser compatibility
  • Clickable site seal
  • 7-days refund policy
Why Choose AlphaSSL?
Why Choose AlphaSSL?
Affordable Price; Compared to other types of certificates, AlphaSSL is one of the most affordable options you can trust for your website security. You get strong encryption in one step for cheap price.

Otomatik işleme - Sertifika yetkilisi, sertifika yapılandırma süreci için çevrimiçi otomasyonu taşır. Sertifikanın alınmasında herhangi bir evrak işi bulunmaz.

Compatible; Popular browsers and mobile devices recognize certificates. If you browse Opera, Safari or any other browser, you won't find an SSL warning or insecurity error. Operating systems and server systems support this SSL certificate.

Fast Output; AlphaSSL certificates are generated fast. For both a single domain name and multiple domains (willdcard), it takes a few minutes to generate your SSL certificate.

Strong Encryption; makes such a strong certificate with 256-bit encryption that it prevents hackers.

AlphaSSL is a well-known certificate maker in the SSL industry, satisfying thousands of customers with online security certificates. The affordability of AlphaSSL Certificates has become the first choice of many organizations. However, with years of experience, it has been recognized worldwide and gained experience.

It allows a 30-days refund if you want to terminate (cancel) a product. All certificates are capable of processing 256-bit encryption and a 2048-bit private key that keeps information encoded between the server and the browser.

Documents Required for EV SSL Certificate

Legal Entities: Tax certificate, Signature Circular, Certificate of Activity, CPA, company such as LLC, INC, LTD., PTY., GmBh, AŞ, etc. can apply only. Noncommercial Organizations such as NATO are required to report their legal status. (After the documents sent, verification is made by calling) Verification Document
Individual Companies: Tax Certificate, Signature Circular, Certificate of Activity, CPA, Verification Document
Governmental Institutions: registration of, Document Showing the Year of Institution Established, Certificate of Activity, CPA
Universities: Document Showing the Establishment Date or the Decree of the Council of Ministers, Higher Education Counsel Site Registration
TRNC Companies: Tax Declaration Certificate, Memorandum, Activity Certificate, CPA
You can quickly verify with the D-U-N-S number. It is a nine-digit number called Data Universal Numbering System, which identifies organizations in the world.

The certificate shown in EV SSL is approved by the title that appears in the official documents of the company and online inquiries. The title cannot be changed. EV SSL approval is made entirely by the SSL brand.

AlphaSSL Certification FAQ

AlphaSSL by GlobalSign is an easy and affordable SSL Certificate that can be generated quickly and installed on your site with GlobalSign trust. This also provides the option to purchase a Wildcard Certificate that will cover an unlimited number of subdomains. This is the fastest and best way to instill confidence in your customer base that your website is safe.

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