.mn Myanmar domain registration
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.mn Myanmar domain registration

What are the registration requirements for registering a .MM domain? .COM.MM: - The owner of the domain name must have Company / subsidiary Company in Myanmar. .ORG.MM: - The owner of the domain name must be a company legally registered and based in Myanmar. .BIZ.MM: - It’s an alternative extension to .COM.MM and .ORG.MM open to individuals from Myanmar and not only for companies as the extensions previously mentioned. If you do not meet the above requirements, we can proceed with the domain registration in the name of our local agents and make it available to you; this option has an additional cost (Trustee Service). IMPORTANT NOTES:
  • Please note that com.mm and org.mm domains can only point to local default DNS name servers. In order for the domain to resolve, you can provide other records such as A, MX, TXT, CNAME to your desire IPs. For .biz.mm domain, you can submit your owner DNS name servers.
  • Myanmar domain names, regardless of when they were registered expiration/renewal date will always be on March 15 of the correspondent year.
What is the minimum registration term allowed? The minimum registration term for “.mm” extensions is 1 year. Do you offer Trustee for this extension? Yes, we offer trustee for“.com.mm” “.org.mm” and “.biz.mm” Does this extension support third level domains? Yes, it does support third level extension, you can register domains with “.com.mm” “.org.mm” and “.biz.mm” Is there an official whois server for .MM domains? .MM does not count with an official whois server Who is the registry that manages this domain extension? The authority in charge of managing this extension is “NIC.MM” Does .MM support IDN characters? What are the minimum and maximum length of characters? What characters .MM extension supports?   https://www.atakdomain.com/en/domain-registration/mongolia/mn