ATAKDOMAIN.COM Live Support AGREEMENT contains information and rules about the Live Support content on our website and how to be informed about the people you will contact with us and how we will use them. ATAKDOMAIN.COM Live Support can accept the continuation or join any chat, in the essay in this clause, you will depict "supposedly and same compliance from the beginning. If you will not agree to this topic, do not continue any chat to chat.

ATADOMAIN.COM Live Support Uses Prohibited

ATAKDOMAIN.COM Live Support does not allow any content of your conversation. you will not give, publish, reproduce, You will not reproduce, copy or otherwise that you will not publish, for any other purpose other than the subject; and with intent without exception and without exception; pheye mahal You agree with absolute certainty that:


  • In any forum that anyone can access making a request for any purpose in connection with fraudulent or malicious activities

  • You agree, without exception and beyond any doubt, that you must not and will not transmit any information that is or may be considered reasonable by us.

  • Acts and behaviors that are explicitly and indirectly prohibited by law.

  • defamatory expressions

  • Attempt to inflict physical, technological, psychological harm

  • Offensive behavior and expressions

  • Insulting expressions and similes are insulting

  • Using slanderous language against someone or someone

  • Using hateful expressions and language for any reason

  • Deception and fraud

  • Judging people with racially or religiously prejudiced or offensive statements

  • Including threatening or harassing ATADOMAIN.COM or the Live Support team in any way unlawful (including any chat agent)

  • Making statements and behaviors that will adversely affect our company's reputation

  • ATAKDOMAIN.COM Live Support prevents or delays its operation by disturbing or disturbing behaviors

  • Damage or interfere with our data, software, website or information technology systems

  • Copying any person's identity or taking action on behalf of others

  • Using the system with the information of another person, even though he has no authority or interest.

  • To try to gain material and moral unjust gains with these and other similar or other defined or unidentified methods.

You agree that all transactions will be suspended or canceled in order to terminate the service provided and prevent loss and damage when situations are detected.