Domain transactions are carried out within the framework of the procedures set by the internationally organized Internet Corporation for Assigned Numbers and Names - ICANN.

These procedures are rules that are determined by the relevant authority and are valid worldwide and cannot be changed and they are binding for all domain extensions.

Domains lose all admin rights following the expiry of their registration period. Domains that have expired, cannot carry out any moderation of vital importance for domains such as editing contact information, changing dns etc. In order to avoid such a situation, the ideal thing is to extend the domain before the expiration date.

The complete loss of ownership of domains occurs at the end of the 50-day period.

In case of loss of ownership on a domain whose registration period has expired and whose recovery process has not been initiated within the framework of the relevant procedures, and in case the relevant domain is released, the domain can be re-registered by any user in accordance with the extension policy.

Domain Deletion

If the domain renewal payment is not made on or before the domain renewal date, your domain address will expire.

Upon expiration, your domain address will be deactivated and a Park page will be displayed stating that the domain has expired, or access to your domain address will stop. Other services such as e-mail, web hosting, etc. that you have associated with your domain address will no longer work.

50 days after expiration, your domain address can be purchased by a third party. If a third party purchases the domain within this period, the domain will not be eligible for renewal.

If the domain is not renewed by you or purchased by a third party, the expired domain enters the redemption period approximately -20 days after the expiration date. In some domain extensions (eg .de, .at, .ru), it enters the redemption period earlier than -20 days. If you can renew your domain address within this period (with a renewal fee), we reserve the right to charge you a late renewal fee or restoration fee. The fee for late renewal and restoration varies according to the domain extension.

Domain extensions such as .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .ist, .xyz can be renewed for up to -20 days but, at day -20, the domain will enter the process of deletion. After 20 days, the domain enters Redemption Grace Period of 30 days, and the domain will be released to be purchased by 3rd parties after a total number of 50 days. If you do not renew your domain address on time, you may have to pay late renewal fee and domain restoration fee. Also, even if the domain will be exposed after -50 days, it can be purchased by different companies or individuals either by manual tracking or by backorder method.

If the domain also completes the redemption period, the registrar may retain the domain address for up to five days before releasing it again for public registration.

Domain Procedures

Active Status

The domain is registered and has not entered any deletion phase. At any time during this process, the domain holder can extend the duration of the domain at normal pricing and can perform all admin operations related to the domain.

On-Hold Status

As a result of the whois query of the domains that have entered this process, "registrar-hold" is displayed on the status screen. Domains are stopped when they become negative. Domains such as .com, .net, .org, .info can be extended with a penalty of up to minus 20 days. Some country code domains expire at +1 or -1 and must be restored. Generic domains are usually deleted at -20 and can be restored and reactivated for up to -50 days. Some below domains are subject to late renewal fees.

.com - 5 $
.net - 5 $
.org - 5 $
.info - 5 $
.biz - 5 $
.ist - 5 $
.istanbul - 5 $
.de - 30 $
.ru - 30 $
.uk - 15 $

Redemption Period

This period is the period established by ICANN to give the domain owner one last chance to extend the domain. It starts after the domain is deleted, in the -20 days following the registration period of the domain. During this period, the domain owner is subject to a penalty fee for extending the domain. This cost is reflected to the customer as 85 USD for .com, .net domains. In addition, domain renewal fee is charged for domain renewal, excluding the restoration fee. This fee is higher for other domain extensions.

Domain Restore Prices

Pending Delete

This is the 5-day period starting after the Redemption period. During this period, the domain owner has no right to reclaim the domain. At the end of the process, the domain is completely deleted and becomes available for new registration.

As stated in the above processes, a domain* will be registered again within 50 days if its registration is not renewed.

*For some special country extensions (ccTLD), different procedures may apply. For more detailed information about the processes, please visit

Warnings and Reminders can send an e-mail to your e-mail address written in your registered membership in the system, regarding the expiration of your domain term and passing your extension order, oand it allows you to follow up your domains that are about to expire and make an extension process from your panel with the user name and password given to you.

In any case, since our company creates the necessary infrastructure for expired domains, it does not accept responsibility for the issues such as not extending the domain period or missing it.

For policies on retrieving expired domain names, please visit RNAP.

Our suggestions to our Dear Customers;

As, we always recommend domain users, when registering long-term, especially corporate identity or important domains belonging to their companies, to wide the registration period and in order to avoid any problems to carry out the extension process on time, without pending.