Living Web Sites

Web sites are born, live and die by nature. When you surf the Internet or search for “Our new website is now live” or “our website is live” you will see the news of the previous 3-5 years are still published in the Internet. You had your website created long years ago by spending from the budget of your company or yourself. However; due to inefficient support of the company or the person who created your website or due to your tight business schedule, your website is idle anymore and this will result in waste of resources.

Scope of the Service

Search Engine Optimization for your Website: It includes optimization of your website to allow top ranking with the words that you define in search engines.

Annual Update for Your Website: For instance; Laylat Al-Qadr, Mawlid An-Nabi, Lailat Al-Bara,Miraj, The Night Of Prophet Muhammed's Conception, The Year Of The Hegira, Eid-Al-Fıtr, Eid-Al-Adha, Holy Birth Week, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Republic Day, World Women’s Day, Valentines Day, May 19 The Commemoration Of Atatürk Youth And Sports Day, April 23 National Sovereignty And Children's Day, Teachers’ Day, August 30 Victory Day.

Introductory E- Mail Designs: Designing and sending e-mail content for special occasions, message of celebration or introduction of your products and services.

In-Site Revisions: Processing new pages and photos to be added to your website, insertion of video and audio files, and additional modules. (Product catalogue, human resources, communication form, news modul, announcement modul)

  • It is displayed properly in all browsers
  • Your website opens fast
  • The content of your website is easy readable.
  • Sector and target group specific design
  • You website will include correct language options for your target market.
  • You will have a good search engine optimization

Other Services:
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